Most Dangerous Countries in the World

Political instability, terrorist activity, violent crime, and a lack of economic opportunity all contribute to a country’s risk level. Here is the list of Most Dangerous Countries in the World.

Unfortunately, the world has gotten increasingly perilous in recent years. Over the last seven years, there has been a major loss in safety and security in Africa, the Middle East, and all other regions throughout the world, with the exception of Europe, which has actually seen some decline. The data presented in this article is based on The Legatum Prosperity Index. The focus is on its ‘Safety & Security’ sub-index, which uses a variety of measures to rank countries based on their relative risk and safety. State-sponsored political violence, property theft, assault, safety while walking alone at night, and many more issues are among the prerequisites for classification. For our objectives, we will investigate each of the top 10 most dangerous (least safe) nations separately in order to provide an in-depth look at their particular security situations.

Most Dangerous Countries in the World
Most Dangerous Countries in the World ( Image Credit: Flickr )

10. Philippines

Because of its present political scenario, the Philippines scores low in terms of safety and security. Despite obtaining a good rating in all other areas of the Legatum Prosperity Index, the Philippines ranks last in safety and security. The Philippines’ poor reputation is exacerbated by the threat of terrorist strikes. In the Philippines, sporadic violent actions are not uncommon.

9. Libya

Libya, a North African country, faces several issues, making it a perilous destination for both residents and visitors. The armed militia essentially governs the 6.7 million-person country, which has been in upheaval since the Arab Spring in 2011. The nation has been at war since 2014. In the country, kidnapping, murder, and armed conflict are all possibilities.

8. Venezuela

Venezuela, a country in complete economic ruin, is also one of the most dangerous places on the globe. The country has one of the world’s highest murder rates, and both violent and petty crime are common. When a large proportion of the population is hungry, class conflict is common. The absence of law enforcement exacerbates conditions by allowing crimes to go unpunished.Libya, a North African country, faces several issues, making it a perilous destination for both residents and visitors. The armed militia essentially governs the 6.7 million-person country, which has been in upheaval since the Arab Spring in 2011.

7. Sudan

In Sudan, there is almost little danger of being robbed on the streets, and women traveling alone are quite safe as long as they dress correctly. Sudan, unlike the other countries on the list, has no travel advisories for more than half of its territory. This means you may travel rather safely after acquiring some basic information about local activities and atmospheres. However, two areas of Sudan are extremely dangerous: South Kordofan and Darfur. For example, the International Criminal Court has previously charged South Kordofan’s governor with war crimes against civilians and crimes against humanity. Darfur, on the other hand, has been at war since 2003, with Sudan’s Revolutionary Front fighting the Government of Sudan. As a result, 2.3 million people have been displaced, and it is projected that over 3.5 million people in Darfur–roughly half of its population–needed relief in 2014. This is in addition to the projected 300,000 deaths worldwide (according to the UN).

6. Yemen

Yemen lies on the Arabian Peninsula, between Saudi Arabia and Oman. Yemen’s old capital city, Sana’a, has been under rebel control since February 2015 as part of the ongoing Yemeni Civil War. Corruption has been charged of both the Yemeni government and its security forces. Yemen also ranks last on the Global Gender Gap Report. The US State Department presently advises against any travel to Yemen, citing the increased danger of violence and terrorist activity. According to reports, up to 10,000 people have killed in Yemen’s civil war.

5. Nigeria

One of Nigeria’s most recent major violent incidents happened on December 12, 2015. On that day, a confrontation broke out in Zaria, Kaduna State, between the Nigerian Security Forces and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, resulting in a number of casualties. The main purpose of the Islamic Movement group is to establish Islamic law in Nigeria and to erase Western influence from the country. Kidnappings and terrorist attacks on foreigner-frequented areas are a legitimate issue in Nigeria due to their hatred for outsiders. Furthermore, can a country be deemed safe if every uniformed officer is not expected to defend and serve? This has been an issue as police and military loyalties have become more interwoven. Finally, renegade pirates roam the Nigerian coastline in quest of oil cargos, posing a severe danger to marine security.

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4. Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of Africa’s largest countries in terms of both land area and population. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has a population of over 80 million people and is rich in natural resources. Unfortunately, years of political unrest have kept these natural riches from being converted into prosperity for the local people. The infrastructure of the country is woefully underdeveloped, and security conditions are frequently chaotic. Violent confrontations are not rare, and they regularly cause harm to ordinary people. Rape, murder, ransom demands, and robbery are also common offenses.

3. Central African Republic

According to The Legatum Prosperity Index, the Central African Republic is one of the world’s least prosperous countries. Furthermore, the Central African Republic is plagued by a host of administrative, infrastructure, and economic challenges that have a negative influence on the country’s standing on the infamous top five list. Following a military takeover in 2003, the country’s status remains very dangerous. Armed rebel groups, exceptionally high rates of violent crime, and overall lawlessness are the key reasons for everyone from international authorities to commercial travel companies aiming to deter possible visitors from entering. There have been allegations of violence, retaliatory killings, looting, and human rights violations around the nation. Bangui, the capital and largest city, is no exception.

2. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is also one of the world’s most dangerous countries. The greatest severe security concern to Afghan civilians is terrorism. Every day, major large-scale terrorist acts, including as suicide bombings and assaults employing vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (IEDs), take place across Afghanistan. Even in Kabul, a sophisticated metropolis, the risk of attack remains high.

1. Iraq

Following the start of the Iraqi Civil War in June 2014, the country has been divided into three groups. The Iraqi central government and Shi’ite militias fighting with them, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) collaborating with Sunni rebels, and, ultimately, the Kurdistan Regional Government and sympathizers helping Kurdish troops are among these. To make a long story short, once the majority of US troops left the area in 2011, Sunni extremist organizations boosted attacks against the country’s majority Shi’a population in order to undermine faith in the government, which is also led by Shi’as. In 2014, the insurgency escalated its operations dramatically, leading to the current Syrian Civil War. From June 2014 to early December 2015, 28,885 civilians were killed in the war, and over 170,000 people have died as a result of linked violence since the beginning of US-led deployments in early 2003. As if these fights weren’t enough, the country confronts a very high risk of terrorism, with much greater dangers of attacks in Baghdad, the capital city. According to the Legatum Prosperity Index, all of these factors combine to make Iraq the most dangerous country in the world in terms of safety and security.

What is the Most Dangerous Country in the World?

The Central African Republic’s placement on the notorious top five list is determined by a myriad of administrative, infrastructural, and economic difficulties. Following a military takeover in 2003, the country’s status remains very dangerous. Armed rebel groups, exceptionally high rates of violent crime, and general lawlessness all contribute to the country’s rating as the most dangerous in the world.

Most Dangerous Countries in the World

RankCountryLegatum Prosperity Index Ranking For Safety and Security
3Central African Republic147
4Democratic Republic of Congo146

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