The 10 Most Dangerous Countries For Women

According to women’s rights specialists, these ten nations are the worst for women to live in. Here is list for Most Dangerous Countries For Women.

Most women all over the world confront a variety of issues in their everyday lives. Many women in developing countries confront severe norms and ways of life that risk their lives. Retrogressive customs, sexual assault, discrimination, and human trafficking are the major concerns affecting women’s livelihoods. The top ten most dangerous countries for women, according to a recent poll, are the United States, Nigeria, Yemen, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, and India.

Most Dangerous Countries For Women
Most Dangerous Countries For Women ( Image Credit: Flickr )

10. United States

The United States, with a population of over 325 million people, is a developed country. Despite the perception that the United States is a safe and free country, many women endure rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence, and emotional abuse. Violence against women in the United States was long neglected until the #Metoo campaign began in 2017. The attempts to speak out against biased treatment of women inspired many victims. According to the CDC, one in every five women has been raped, and more than one in every three has been assaulted or harassed. The United States is one of the top ten countries in the world in terms of the pervasive threat to women’s lives. The United States is the only developed nation on the list.

9. Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and a West African federal republic. The nation has a population of almost 186 million people. Nigeria is notorious for having a high crime rate. Women are usually the victims of the country’s many illegal activities. Nigerian women endure dangers such as physical assault, psychological abuse, rape, and sexual violence. Furthermore, figures show that around 70% of victims of violence are assaulted by their husbands. since of the country’s high poverty rate, most women are subjected to assault in silence since they lack authority. Nigeria is ranked ninth in the world as the most dangerous country for women.

8. Yemen

Yemen is an Arab sovereign state in Western Asia. Since 2011, the nation, which has a population of nearly 26 million people, has been at war. Yemen is notorious for its violence against women. Women, according to human rights organizations, have been the primary victims of Yemen’s conflict. More than one million women, the majority of whom are pregnant or nursing, are malnourished as a result of the country’s limited food supply. Yemen’s inadequate healthcare system has put nearly 75,000 pregnant women in danger of developing life-threatening complications. Yemeni women are also forced into early marriages, which are detrimental to their health and well-being. Because of the frequency with which Yemeni women are abused, Yemen is the world’s eighth most dangerous country for women.

7. Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a Central African country. The country’s population exceeds 78 million people. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the most difficult nations for women to live in. The country has been mired in civil war for more than a decade. Women are unfortunately commonly targeted in wars. In certain areas, up to 90% of women have been sexually molested. These women are experiencing psychological hardship, physical harm, sexually transmitted illnesses, and unplanned pregnancies. Furthermore, women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo do not have access to proper healthcare services, which are critical for maintaining a healthy population. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the ninth most dangerous country for women in the world.

6. Pakistan

Pakistan lies in Asia’s southernmost region. The country has a population of about 212 million people. Pakistan has seen political turmoil since its inception. Women in Pakistan face a variety of hazards on a daily basis. A humanitarian organization in the country reported over 1,000 incidents of honor murders against Pakistani women in 2003. Domestic abuse, sexual assault, and forced marriages are also common. Pakistan is ranked sixth among the top ten most dangerous countries for women.

5. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a sovereign nation in Western Asia. It has a population of over 33 million people. The country is well-known for its severe attitude toward women. Saudi women must always get permission from a male guardian. This practice is pervasive in the country and stifles women’s freedom. Until June 2018, Saudi women were not authorized to drive in the country. Women are not permitted to hold positions of authority in the country, and there are no laws that make rape or violence against women illegal. As a result, women are subjected to sexual assault, forced marriages, domestic violence, and discrimination. Saudi Arabia is the world’s sixth most dangerous country for women.

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4. Somalia

Somalia is a sovereign country in Africa’s Horn. Civil unrest has plagued the country for the previous two decades. Women have borne the brunt of the country’s insecurity. Somalia is notorious for its widespread brutality against women. It is ranked as the world’s fourth most dangerous country for women. According to human rights experts, women in Somalia live in continuous fear of being raped. Domestic abuse, sexual assault, early marriage, persecution, and female genital mutilation are just a few of the dangers Somali women confront. The country’s laws do not effectively protect women from abuse. Furthermore, Somalia lacks enough health-care facilities to care for sexual abuse victims.

3. Syria

Syria is a country in Western Asia. In recent years, it has had disagreements with some of its neighbors and other international populations. It is the most violent country in the world and the third most dangerous for women to live in. Throughout the country, there have been numerous cases of sexual assault, domestic violence, rape, forced marriages, and female servitude. Most victims of abuse keep silent in order to avoid embarrassment. Women’s rights continue to be abused because the government lacks an adequate legal system to prosecute abusers.

2. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a sovereign country in Asia’s central region. The country’s population is estimated to be over 35 million people. Afghanistan is one of the most hazardous nations in the world for women to live in. It ranks second on the list, with around 3,778 cases of violence against women reported in 2017. Such crimes include rape, sexual harassment, forced prostitution, domestic abuse, and even murder. Despite the fact that the government has passed legislation to prohibit violence against women, abusers suffer little or no consequences.

1. India

India is a sovereign country in the southern hemisphere of Asia. With approximately 1.2 billion inhabitants, it is the world’s second most populous country. India is regarded as the world’s most dangerous country for women. Rape, acid attacks, sexual harassment, forced marriages, and sexual slavery are all common in the nation. India has long had to deal with violence against women. Despite Indian authorities enacting strict regulations against abuses of women’s rights, the occurrence of violence against women has not lessened.

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