Top 10 The World’s Most Common Types of Apples

There are about 7,500 different types of apple trees. Here are the World’s Most Common Apple Varieties. The apple fruit is one of the most popular fruits in the world, and it is said to have originated in Central Asia. The tree spread throughout Asia and Europe, and colonialists eventually transported it to North America. The apple fruit tastes sweet and crunchy. It’s used in pies, sauces, cider, salads, and pastries, among other things. There are over 7,500 distinct types of apple trees in the world. The most common apple varieties in the world include Red Delicious, Gala, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Lady, Baldwin, McIntosh, Honey crisp, Fuji, and Cortland.

World’s Most Common Types of Apples ( Image Credit: Flickr )

10. Red Delicious

The Red Delicious apple variety is the most popular worldwide. Jesse Hiatt discovered it on his Iowa farm in 1880. Jesse Hiatt joined a competition organized by a Missouri-based nursery in 1893 to find a replacement for “Ben Davis,” a famous but unpleasant apple variety. It was known at the time as the “Hawkeye.” After winning the competition, the “Hawkeye” Apple was renamed “Stark Delicious,” after the nursery’s proprietors, the Stark Brothers. In 1914, the Stark Brothers’ Nursery christened it the “Red Delicious” apple. In the early twentieth century, Red Delicious apples were the most popular in the United States.

9. Gala

The Gala apple is native to New Zealand. It was developed in 1930 by crossing the Kidd’s Orange Red apple with the Golden Delicious apple.It’s an apple cultivar that’s gaining popularity, particularly in the United States. Gala apples are cultivated commercially. The skin of the apples is golden with orange and pink markings. Gala apples are sweet and crisp. They are usually consumed raw and are used to make sauces, salads, pies, and desserts.

8. Golden Delicious

The golden delicious apple was discovered on a family farm in West Virginia in the early twentieth century. It might be a hybrid between Grimes Golden apple and Golden Reinette apple. The Stark Brothers’ Nursery started commercially farming golden delicious apples in 1916. These were served alongside red delicious apples. They have a beautiful sweet flavor and a thin yellowish green skin. The apples are incredibly delicate and should be handled with utmost care. Apples of the Golden Delicious kind are commonly used in baking, salads, and sauces. Since 1995, the Golden Delicious apple has served as West Virginia’s state fruit. Clay County, where the Golden Delicious was discovered, holds an annual celebration of the fruit.

7. Granny Smith

A farmer called Maria Ann Smith discovered Granny Smith apples in an Australian orchard in 1868. They acquired popularity in the early twentieth century due to their long shelf life. The apples might be readily transported across long distances. They have a vivid green color and a tart and sharp flavor. They are generally consumed raw, although they may also be used to make apple pies, cakes, and crumbles. Because they keep for a long time, they are highly popular, particularly in the export market.

6. Lady

The Lady apple, also known as “Pomme d’Api” or “Christmas apple,” is a kind of apple native to France. This apple variety was discovered in 1628 and was introduced to the United States about 1800. It is small in comparison to other apple varieties. It has a lime green skin that is satin-like. Lady apples are commonly used to make chutneys, stuffings, pies, and pastries. These apples are widely used to decorate Christmas trees and wreaths throughout the holiday season due to their small size.

5. Baldwin

In the 18th century, the Baldwin apple was discovered in Massachusetts. Baldwin apples were formerly popular in the United States, but after a hard winter in 1934 destroyed most of the trees, their popularity declined. The apples are firm and scarlet in color. They are suitable for baking because to their solid texture. They’re also great for making apple cider vinegar. Baldwin apples are becoming increasingly uncommon in stores, since Red Delicious apples have mostly replaced them.

4. McIntosh

John McIntosh discovered the McIntosh apple in Canada in 1811. It is extensively consumed both raw and cooked in Canada and the northern United States. The McIntosh apple’s skin is scarlet and delicate. Despite being the most popular apple variety in Canada in the 1960s, it currently faces stiff competition from foreign apple imports such as Gala. The Macintosh computer line is named after the McIntosh apple. It is sometimes referred to as Canada’s national apple.

3. Honeycrisp

The Honeycrisp apple was developed at the University of Minnesota and released to the public in 1991. As the name implies, they are sweet and juicy with a crunchy texture. Honeycrisp apples are a popular commercially grown fruit. They are popular because they last a long time. Apples are a popular snack, as well as in salads, pies, and sauces. The honeycrisp apple is Minnesota’s official state fruit. This is the most common kind of apple in the third world.

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2. Fuji

Japan invented the Fuji apple in 1930. It was given the name of the Japanese town where it was constructed. It is a cross of Virginia Ralls Genet and Red Delicious apples. In Japan, China, and the United States, it is a popular apple cultivar. The Fuji apple is grown commercially in Asia and the United States. Its large size, strong texture, crispy flesh, and sweet flavor make it popular. Fuji apples may be found in salads, pies, and apple crumble. This is the world’s second most common kind of apple.

1. Cortland

Cortland apples are the result of a cross between a McIntosh apple and another apple variety. The New York Agricultural Experiment Station established it in 1898. In the United States, the apple is one of the most popular apple varieties. The Cortland apple is grown commercially. The apple has a spherical shape, bright red skin, and a golden backdrop.It is the only apple cultivar with non-darkening white flesh. As a result, it is perfect for desserts and salads.

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