Top 10 The Most Common Birds in the World

If it looks like a chicken, walks like a chicken, and clucks like a chicken, it may be one of the world’s most populous bird species. Here is a list of the World’s Most Common Birds.

Though most of the birds mentioned here may be found in large numbers in the wild around the world, the domestic chicken is officially the most numerous bird. The most prevalent wild bird, however, is the Sub-Saharan African red-billed quelea. The global population of red-billed queleas is estimated to reach 1.5 billion individuals. The red-billed quelea is notable for living in large social groups that can look as gigantic swarms. These swarms have been known to wreak havoc on agriculture.

Passenger pigeons, for example, were once plentiful before going extinct. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, overhunting exterminated the passenger pigeon. Many bird populations are said to be falling across the world right now. All of the birds listed below, on the other hand, are rated as “Least Concern” by the IUCN.

Because determining the exact number of individuals living for any bird species is difficult, all population counts are estimates.

Common Birds in the World
Common Birds in the World ( Image Credit: Flickr )

1. Birds With the Largest Populations

Mourning Dove – 475 Million

With an estimated population of 475 million, the mourning dove is one of the most abundant birds on the globe. This bird may be found all throughout North America and migrates from the north to the south of the continent during the winter. The mourning dove’s plumage is grey with black markings. The major meal of the mourning dove is seeds.

Red-Billed Quelea – 1.5 Billion

Another of the world’s most abundant bird species, the red-billed quelea, may be found throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. The bird, which has three unique species, lives in temperate regions. The red-billed quelea is thought to number around 1.5 billion in the wild, making it the world’s most populous non-domesticated bird. The red-billed quelea travels in large groups that resemble a massive cloud overhead.

Domestic Chicken – 22.67 Billion

The domestic chicken is the most common bird species on the earth, with an estimated population of 22.67 billion. In the human world, the chicken has gained immense cultural and gastronomic dominance. After large-scale industrial production began in the twentieth century, the widespread use of this bird as a source of food became more common, and chicken is now an integral component of nearly all global cuisines. Certain civilizations across the world revere the chicken as a symbol of caring and fertility. In their own civilizations, Egyptians, Zoroastrians, and Romans all admired the bird. As a result, the domestic chicken continues to impact people and cuisines throughout the world, as its numbers grow. It goes without saying that a quality hen’s egg or three can improve any dish, whether boiled, roasted, scrambled, or poached.

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What is the World’s Most Common Bird?

With an estimated population of 22.67 billion, the domestic chicken is the most prevalent bird species on the planet.

Most Common Birds in the World

RankBird TypeEstimated Population
1Domestic chicken22.67 Billion
2Red-billed quelea1.5 Billion
3Mourning Dove475 Million
4American Robin310 Million
5Common pheasant160 Million to 219 Million
6Red winged blackbird210 Million
7Chipping Sparrow200 Million
8Common Starling100 Million to 199 Million
9Common swift95 Million to 164 Million
10Yellow-rumped warbler130 Million

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