Top 10 Roman Catholic Population in the World

Brazil has the world’s largest Catholic Christian population, at 126 million Catholic Christians. The Catholic Church has governed the world for centuries. Its impact may be traced on all continents as a result of European colonialism. Missionaries played an essential role in this religious expansion, and while most of these nations have gained independence, Catholicism remains the dominant religion. Religion, on the other hand, has developed enormously over history, and its current position is substantially different from what it formerly was. Here is a list of the world’s Roman Catholic population.

catholic population in the world
catholic population in the world

10. Democratic Republic of the Congo (28,700,000)

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has been wracked by civil war since its independence from Belgium in 1960. By creating multiple schools and hospitals, the Catholic Church has had a significant impact on the country’s political and social systems. When people sense they can no longer trust the government, they may turn to them. The church has frequently functioned as an important mediator between the government and dissident parties since it was the organisation that the local population thought was fighting for them. Today, almost 28 million people in the DRC are Catholic.

9. Spain (32,364,000)

Spain has been a battleground between Muslims and Catholics throughout its history, culminating to an aggressive Christian effort following the conquest of Granada in the 15th century. In Spain, the Inquisition was active until the early nineteenth century. Catholicism has developed, and the present population does not follow the strict regulations that it formerly did. Despite the fact that the country is studded with churches built over the centuries, just about 15% of Spanish Catholics attend mass every week.

8. Poland (33,037,017)

Poland is a deeply religious country, with 85.8% of the population practicing Catholicism. Pope John Paul II, who is credited with revitalising mass faith in the Catholic church, remains a major figure in Poland today. Unlike in many other European countries, Catholicism is still by far the most common religion in Poland.

7. Colombia (36,000,000)

Catholicism was brought to Colombia around 1508, and the first diocese was established in 1534. Following Colombia’s independence from Spain in 1819, the church faced severe persecution, but it persevered and is today the dominant religion in the country. There are 52 dioceses and almost 120 religious groups in the country.

6. France (44,000,000)

Like Italy, France has a rich history of Catholicism. King’s appealed to the Pope’s authority throughout the Middle Ages, and it was vital that they be in his favour while ruling. There are 40,000,000 million Catholics in France.

5. Italy (50,474,000)

Christianity has a long history in Italy, with the faith originally arriving in the first century. The church has always had a significant influence in Italy, and Rome, the country’s capital, is a popular pilgrimage destination. Furthermore, despite the fact that it runs as a distinct state, the Vatican is located within Italy. The 50,474,000 million Italian Catholics have a long history of standing up for their religious beliefs and the pope’s leadership.

4. United States (71,000,000)

The United States is one of the most populated countries on the planet. In the 16th century, the Spanish introduced Catholicism to what is today Florida, Georgia, California, and Texas. The French founded missions in Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, and Michigan in the 18th century. Following the country’s independence, the Catholic population grew due to an influx of European immigration.

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3. Phillipines (85,470,000)

With 81.4% of the population identifying as Catholic, the Philippines are Asia’s sole mostly Catholic country. As part of their heavenly duty to “educate” the people, the Spanish spread Catholicism to the Philippines, as they did in Mexico. The explorers saw the indigenous religion as a kind of demon worship and hence forbade it. To educate the Filipinos, missionaries arrived and erected schools and hospitals. The Philippines gained independence in 1898 after being transferred to the United States by the Spaniards a few years before, but they did not return to their own faith. The Catholic conquest is still ongoing today.

2. Mexico (98,820,000)

Conquistadors brought Catholicism to Mexico as well. When the Spanish invaded Mexico in 1519, they brought with them Catholic missionaries. It remains popular today, with 98.8 million people identifying as Catholic.

1. Brazil (126,880,000)

Brazil’s Catholic population is 126.8 million, accounting for 61% of the total population. The Portuguese brought the faith here, and the first diocese was formed in 1551. Catholicism was firmly established during colonial rule, and it remained the country’s official religion long after independence. Although the government is officially secular, the church nonetheless has tremendous power.

Which Countries Have the Most Catholics?

Brazil has the world’s largest Catholic population, at 126 million Catholics. Mexico has 98 million Catholics, whereas the Philippines has 85 million.

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