Top 10 Oldest Countries in the World

Iran is the world’s oldest country, with sovereignty dating back to 3200 BC. The globe has 195 countries, with 193 of them being members of the United Nations. It is critical to note that calculating a country’s age is a time-consuming procedure. As a result, determining when a state was created is nearly difficult. A historical research, on the other hand, can yield an objective age. Another method for determining age is to look at the date on which a country’s constitution was established. Although this method is simple, it is not applicable in all nations.

With its sovereignty reaching back to 3200 BC, Iran is the world’s oldest country. Egypt, which was established circa 3100 BC, is a close second. Vietnam (2879 BC), Armenia (2492 BC), and North Korea (2333 BC) round out the top five countries. Japan completes the list with its founding in 400.

Oldest Countries in the World
Oldest Countries in the World ( Image Credit: Flickr )

Oldest Countries in the World


Iran has been inhabited since the Lower Palaeolithic period, and is formally known as the Islamic Republic of Iran. Two of the early civilizations were Elam and Jiroft. Elam, the most important, was in charge of establishing Iran during the Proto-Elamite era, or Susa III.


Egypt has been inhabited since antiquity and is officially recognized as the Arab Republic of Egypt. Indeed, most historians believe that the country is the cradle of civilization because of early successes in fields like as writing and governance. Over time, civilizations like as the Romans, Greeks, and Nubians built the land.


Vietnam, formally known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, may be traced back to the historical Vietnamese state of u Lc. The Hng Bàng dynasty, on the other hand, may be credited with the first semblance of a government. The dynasty is so old that some historians consider it mythical. The dynasty was followed by u Lc.


Armenia (the nation of Armenia) is an Asian nation with a long history. According to archaeological evidence, the region was occupied as early as the Bronze Age (4000 BC). The narrative of Hayk, the man who is credited with creating Armenia, sheds light on the circumstances that led to the country’s formation. The Hittites and Mitanni are two well-known ancient civilizations that contributed form the region.

North Korea

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has a rich history that dates back to the rule of the First Kingdom in the 7th century BC. Folklore surrounds the country’s origin during the time period.

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State Symbols

Calculating a country’s age using state symbols may be erroneous. These symbols may refer to the formation of a state as a political entity, but they may not always represent the formation of a nation as a social unit.

The Oldest Countries in the World

RankCountrySovereignty Acquired
1Iran3200 BC
2Egypt3100 BC
3Vietnam2879 BC
4Armenia2492 BC
5North Korea2333 BC
6India2000 BC
7Georgia1300 BC
8Israel1300 BC
9Sudan1070 BC
10Afghanistan678 BC
11Mongolia209 BC
12Somalia200 BC
13Ethiopia200 BC
14San Marino301

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