Top 10 Literacy Rate Countries

Literacy is defined as the ability to read and write adequately. Many factors, including as accessibility and educational quality, may have an impact on these statistics.

Global literacy rates have increased considerably during the previous few decades. The major drivers of this expanding trend are the expansion of many developing countries’ educational institutions and a growing acknowledgment of the importance of education to these societies as a whole. Many countries are still struggling to provide educational resources to better their people, build the necessary infrastructure, and ensure regular enrollment of students in their institutions. Even countries that trail far behind global norms realize the significance of offering a high-quality education to their citizens in order to compete and thrive in the global economy.

Several countries throughout the world have literacy rates of more than 95 percent, according to the latest recent data on reading and learning. We chose the countries with the highest literacy rates from across the world to help readers understand more about the world leaders in this field.

Literacy Rate Countries
Literacy Rate Countries ( Image Credit: Flickr )

Making 100% Literacy Rates Happen

Although high educational levels may be found in many countries across the world, the literacy rates of Andorra, Luxembourg, Norway, Liechtenstein, and a few others should not be disregarded. Literacy rates in these nations are nearly 100%.

Andorra is one such country, with virtually all of its residents having a high level of literacy. Its government mandates compulsory attendance in its educational systems for all children between the ages of 6 and 16. It may be found in Southwestern Europe. The Andorran government has succeeded in making secondary education free. Andorra has relatively high literacy rates as a result of this, as well as a percentage of its GDP spent to education.Similar practices are observed in other countries, such as Finland, where around 7% of GDP is spent on education.

Other Nations with Near-Complete Literacy

Literacy rates around 100% have been documented in a number of other countries across the world, including Azerbaijan and Cuba. Georgia, Tajikistan, Russia, Poland, and Slovenia have all achieved 100% literacy rates or above. It is estimated that 53% of the Russian population has some form of tertiary education. The government supports free educational delivery systems, with a particular focus on “STEM” (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) topics.

They are near to 100% in countries such as Slovakia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Slovakia has 20 public universities and 10 private colleges. Residents of numerous former Soviet Union and “Eastern Bloc” countries enjoy some of the finest access to higher education in the world.

Should Other Countries Follow the Leaders?

The decrements shown as we move from the top of the list to the bottom for nations with the highest literacy rates may be explained mostly by the percentage of these countries’ respective GDPs dedicated to education. Literacy rates are greatly impacted by a country’s educational infrastructure as well as public perception of the importance of education. We can learn from the most literate countries that robust public education programs and an emphasis on educational expenditure within government budgets may go a long way toward increasing a population’s knowledge base.

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Which Country Has the Highest Literacy Rate?

Andorra, Finland, Vatican City, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Norway are among the countries with a 100% literacy rate.

Literacy Rate by Country

RankCountryLiteracy Rate (Rounded)
1Andorra100.0 %
2Finland100.0 %
3Holy See100.0 %
4Liechtenstein100.0 %
5Luxembourg100.0 %
6Norway100.0 %
7Democratic People’s Republic of Korea100.0 %
8Latvia100.0 %
9Estonia100.0 %
10Lithuania100.0 %
11Azerbaijan100.0 %
12Poland100.0 %
13Cuba100.0 %
14Tajikistan100.0 %
15Georgia100.0 %
16Armenia100.0 %
17Ukraine100.0 %
18Kazakhstan100.0 %
19Slovenia100.0 %
20Barbados100.0 %
21Russian Federation100.0 %
22Turkmenistan100.0 %
23Belarus100.0 %
24Slovakia100.0 %
25Palau100.0 %
26Uzbekistan100.0 %
27Tonga99.0 %
28Kyrgyzstan99.0 %
29Republic of Moldova99.0 %
30Croatia99.0 %
31Italy99.0 %
32Hungary99.0 %
33Australia99.0 %
34Belgium99.0 %
35Canada99.0 %
36Czech Republic99.0 %
37Denmark99.0 %
38France99.0 %
39Germany99.0 %
40Iceland99.0 %
41Ireland99.0 %
42Japan99.0 %
43Monaco99.0 %
44Netherlands99.0 %
45New Zealand99.0 %
46Sweden99.0 %
47Switzerland99.0 %
48Tuvalu99.0 %
49United Kingdom99.0 %
50Samoa99.0 %
51Antigua and Barbuda99.0 %
52Trinidad and Tobago99.0 %
53Micronesia (Federated States of)99.0 %
54Cyprus99.0 %
55Romania99.0 %
56Montenegro98.0 %
57Maldives98.0 %
58Bulgaria98.0 %
59Marshall Islands98.0 %
60Bosnia and Herzegovina98.0 %
61Mongolia98.0 %
62Uruguay98.0 %
63Austria98.0 %
64Argentina98.0 %
65Serbia98.0 %
66Republic of Korea98.0 %
67Grenada98.0 %
68Israel98.0 %
69Spain98.0 %
70The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia98.0 %
71Greece97.0 %
72Costa Rica97.0 %
73Saint Kitts and Nevis97.0 %
74Albania97.0 %
75Chile97.0 %
76Thailand96.0 %
77Qatar96.0 %
78Brunei Darussalam96.0 %
79Saint Vincent and the Grenadines96.0 %
80San Marino96.0 %
81Singapore96.0 %
82Kuwait96.0 %
83Bahamas96.0 %
84Philippines95.0 %
85Nauru95.0 %
86China95.0 %
87Cook Islands95.0 %
88State of Palestine95.0 %
89Equatorial Guinea95.0 %
90Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)95.0 %
91Suriname95.0 %
92Bahrain95.0 %
93Portugal94.0 %
94Saudi Arabia94.0 %
95Panama94.0 %
96Seychelles94.0 %
97Paraguay94.0 %
98Peru94.0 %
99Fiji94.0 %
100Viet Nam94.0 %
101Colombia93.0 %
102Malta93.0 %
103Malaysia93.0 %
104Mexico93.0 %
105South Africa93.0 %
106Indonesia93.0 %
107Myanmar93.0 %
108Turkey93.0 %
109Jordan93.0 %
110Bolivia (Plurinational State of)92.0 %
111Ecuador92.0 %
112Dominica92.0 %
113Sri Lanka91.0 %
114Brazil90.0 %
115Libya90.0 %
116United Arab Emirates90.0 %
117Lebanon90.0 %
118Dominican Republic90.0 %
119Saint Lucia90.0 %
120Mauritius89.0 %
121Jamaica88.0 %
122Botswana87.0 %
123Burundi87.0 %
124Oman87.0 %
125United States86.0 %
126Syrian Arab Republic86.0 %
127Cabo Verde85.0 %
128Guyana85.0 %
129Honduras85.0 %
130El Salvador84.0 %
131Vanuatu84.0 %
132Iran (Islamic Republic of)84.0 %
133Zimbabwe84.0 %
134Swaziland83.0 %
135Belize83.0 %
136Gabon82.0 %
137Congo79.0 %
138Iraq79.0 %
139Tunisia79.0 %
140Guatemala78.0 %
141Nicaragua78.0 %
142Solomon Islands77.0 %
143Comoros77.0 %
144Namibia76.0 %
145Lesotho76.0 %
146Democratic Republic of the Congo75.0 %
147Sudan74.0 %
148Cambodia74.0 %
149Uganda73.0 %
150Lao People’s Democratic Republic73.0 %
151Algeria73.0 %
152Kenya72.0 %
153Egypt72.0 %
154Eritrea72.0 %
155Ghana71.0 %
156Cameroon71.0 %
157Angola71.0 %
158Sao Tome and Principe70.0 %
159India69.0 %
160United Republic of Tanzania68.0 %
161Yemen68.0 %
162Morocco67.0 %
163Rwanda66.0 %
164Madagascar64.0 %
165Papua New Guinea63.0 %
166Zambia61.0 %
167Malawi61.0 %
168Togo60.0 %
169Bangladesh60.0 %
170Nepal60.0 %
171Timor-Leste58.0 %
172Guinea-Bissau58.0 %
173Pakistan55.0 %
174Gambia53.0 %
175Bhutan53.0 %
176Senegal52.0 %
177Nigeria51.0 %
178Mozambique51.0 %
179Haiti49.0 %
180Sierra Leone46.0 %
181Mauritania46.0 %
182Liberia43.0 %
183Côte d’Ivoire41.0 %
184Somalia39.0 %
185Ethiopia39.0 %
186Chad38.0 %
187Central African Republic37.0 %
188Afghanistan32.0 %
189Mali31.0 %
190Burkina Faso29.0 %
191Benin29.0 %
192South Sudan27.0 %
193Guinea25.0 %
194Niger15.0 %

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