Cheap One Night Hotels Stays Around the World

If you want to travel across the world but are on a limited budget, consider these cheap one-night hotel accommodations. Check out the top ten affordable overseas places for your next trip.

Traveling, whether for work or pleasure, is an amazing experience; the excitement never wears off. As a traveler or tourist, you must consider various factors. Primary concerns typically include mobility, political unrest and security, socio-cultural contrasts, and the economic reality of the target location. The desire to get the most out of an event with the least amount of work is a common motive.

This essay will discuss some of the least expensive overseas vacation cities in terms of average daily cost. It will give insight into the various qualities that define individual cities, allowing any would-be Traveller to select the location of their choice.

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Hotel Accommodations

Hotel expenses are an essential concern for anyone’s budget when choosing a vacation destination. Importantly, lesser costs do not automatically imply inferior quality, which explains why visitors who have visited Bangkok, Jakarta, Sharm el Sheikh, and Sofia would kill to return. These cities were not in the top 10 a few years ago, but they have exceeded traditional tourist behemoths due to their mastery of hotel pricing mechanisms.

Dinner for two

More and more tourists are becoming cognizant of their spending habits and will make certain that they only purchase what is within their budget, particularly when it comes to eating events. With this in mind, cities like Hanoi, Jakarta, Mumbai, and Prague have focused on providing the greatest pricing for supper for two, and make no mistake, this has earned them a position among the world’s top tourist attractions.

Cocktails for two

Drinking while on vacation is rather common, and the tourism industry has long leveraged this knowledge to restrict pricing in many destinations. However, due of their proactive attitude, tourist sector operators in Cape Town, Sofia, and Hanoi spotted an opportunity to change pricing. By lowering their prices, travelers began to choose some locations over others that offered comparable facilities.

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Return taxi trip

Given that visitors are continuously on the go, the taxi business is the backbone of tourism’s maneuverability. High taxi costs are likely to limit the number of tourists to a certain city, which explains why many such towns have lost customers to other cities such as Jakarta, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur.


The table below shows the typical daily cost of a hotel room, dinner, beverages for two, and a cab journey back home. Tourists enjoy a certain location for a variety of reasons, one of which is cost. As is the case with many of the cities detailed here, combining multiple economic components to fulfill the wants of numerous tourists is the primary strategy for attaining high tourist returns.

Cheapest Average Cost For Cheap One Night Hotels Stays Around The World

RankInternational CitiesAverage Cost (US .$)
1Hanoi, Vietnam152.89
2Jakarta, Indonesia158.40
3Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt159.49
4Bangkok, Thailand162.13
5Sofia, Bulgaria187.56
6Cape Town, South Africa190.41
7Mumbai, India190.67
8Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia195.56
9Prague, Czech Republic197.61
10Budapest, Hungary200.21

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