Top 10 biggest oil companies worldwide

Saudi Aramco of Saudi Arabia is the biggest oil company worldwide, with an annual revenue of $465.49 billion USD in 2017.

Oil businesses are a significant source of revenue for countries possessing oil reserves. These enterprises send oil to countries all around the world. Because most international economies rely on carbon energy sources, petroleum and petroleum products command high prices, generating money for governments and providing jobs for nationals and expatriates. Saudi Aramco, located in Saudi Arabia, is the world’s largest oil firm. It generated revenue of $465.49 billion US dollars in 2017.

Unfortunately, these oil firms have a significant influence on the environment through their exploration and daily operations, particularly through the production of gasses that contribute to global warming and, eventually, climate change. Petroleum is crucial to industries, and it is critical to the survival and operation of modern industrial civilization. The globe consumes 30 billion barrels of oil each year, with industrialized countries leading the way. In 2007, the United States used 25% of all oil produced that year.

biggest oil companies worldwide
biggest oil companies worldwide

The Five biggest oil companies worldwide

Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco is the largest oil firm in the world. The company’s headquarters are in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The corporation is owned by the government. It was created in 1933 as the California-Arabian Standard Oil Company and renamed Saudi Aramco in 1988. It boasts the world’s greatest oil reserves and generates over $465 billion in income every year. Other items made by the corporation include petroleum, natural gas, and petrochemicals. The corporation has a global footprint in terms of exploration and distribution.


Sinopec is a Chinese state-owned oil business headquartered in Beijing. With 455.499 billion USD in yearly sales, it is the world’s second-largest oil business. Sinopec also engages in oil and gas exploration, petrochemical manufacturing, and sales and distribution services. The corporation grows its assets by acquiring interests in other petroleum companies and launching drills in unknown African territory. The business has been chastised for utilizing environmentally hazardous tactics to explore for oil in Gabon’s Loango National Park. This company’s actions in protected areas endanger the well-being of the wildlife that lives there. Sinopec has also been responsible for major water contamination.

China National Petroleum Corporation

The Corporation is a state-owned enterprise that was founded in 1988 and has its headquarters in Beijing. With a revenue of 428.62 billion dollars, the corporation ranks third on our list of the world’s largest oil companies. It employs over a million people and is a big employer. The corporation is active in refining, natural gas and petrochemical production, oil field exploration, and product marketing. The corporation has branches and investments in several Asian and African nations, as well as stakes in other oil companies across the world. The corporation has been held liable for water and air pollution caused by leaks, as well as environmental harm caused by drilling during the exploration process.


ExxonMobil is a multinational oil corporation headquartered in Texas. In terms of revenue, it ranks fourth among the world’s largest oil firms. Exxon (previously Standard Oil firm of New Jersey) and Mobil (originally Standard Oil Company of New York) merged in 1999 to establish the firm, which has a revenue of $268.9 billion dollars. ExxonMobil is involved in the production of crude oil, natural gas, petrochemicals, and other oil products. The corporation has been chastised for its delayed reaction to pollution, especially the cleanup of oil spills.

Environmental Effects Of Oil

Some oil firms have contributed to environmental contamination through byproducts and oil spills. The oil sector is the most significant generator of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), the compounds that cause smog and ground-level ozone. The combustion of fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases as well as other pollutants including heavy metals.

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What is the Biggest Oil Company in the World?

Saudi Aramco is the world’s largest oil firm, with 465 billion dollars in sales. Sinopec Group of China is the second biggest, followed by China National Petroleum Corporation. Exxonmobil is the fourth largest oil corporation in the world.

Biggest Oil Companies in The World

RankCompanyRevenue (Billions of US Dollars)Country of Origin
1Saudi Aramco465.49Saudi Arabia
2Sinopec Group448China
3China National Petroleum Corporation428.62China
4Exxon Mobil268.9United States
5Royal Dutch Shell265The Netherlands/United Kingdom
6Kuwait Petroleum Corporation251.94Kuwait
7BP222.8United Kingdom
8Total SA212France

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