Wrinkle Treatment: Remove wrinkles on face, forehead and neck in these easy ways, age will look less

Whenever you show frown or are surprised or you are upset with pain then it starts to appear on your forehead. Yes, we are talking about wrinkles that appear on your face and other parts of the body. There are three types of wrinkles, the first of which appears at the corners of your eyes. Whenever you laugh or laugh, a crow-like figure appears. Second wrinkles visible on your face. It appears when you give a facial expression. It can be caused by sun damaged skin, smoking or poor health. You can easily see these when you are resting. The third and final type of wrinkles is visible on your neck. Actually it goes on increasing with age. This type of wrinkles can be easily seen when your skin starts hanging. It is especially visible around the neck of women. If you are also troubled by wrinkles of the face, forehead or neck, then we are telling you an easy way to remove them (Wrinkle Treatment).

Causes wrinkles on face, neck and forehead


It is natural for wrinkles to come with age. Skin cells break down slowly and the inner layer of skin becomes thin. Protein of your skin starts to break down. The collagen found in it makes your skin stretchy. Collagen supports your outer skin, causing the skin to become loose.


Smoking is the strongest reason for wrinkles other than age. Tobacco narrows the small blood vessels of your skin, which reduces the flow of essential nutrients such as oxygen. It also slows down the rate at which your body makes collagen. Repeated tilting of the lips to draw fumes can cause additional lines around the mouth. As it is when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. It gives lines and wrinkles on your skin a chance to grow.

Wrinkle prevention

Do not repeat the same facial expression
Be careful walking outside in the sun, or any facial expression that you make again and again. Doing this can cause wrinkles in some parts of your face. If you hang out too much, then wear sunglasses. It not only prevents wrinkles in the corners of your eyes and can also help protect them from UV rays.

Have a good sleep

Everyone knows how important it is to have a good sleep, but its effect can cause wrinkles on your face. Getting less sleep regularly can lead to wrinkles on your skin and aging before age. Because lack of good sleep causes your body to release excess amounts of the stress hormone cortisol, which breaks down collagen, causing wrinkles on your skin. If you sleep well on your back at night, it may be better for you because sleeping on one side or on the stomach starts wrinkling lines and wrinkles on the face.

Skin care

If you sweat too much, clean your face slowly several times a day. Bringing more strength may cause peeling or burning on your face or other parts. You can use a mild cleanser without alcohol as it can irritate, harden and dry your face. Use a cream twice a day to moisturize the skin. If you are out of the house (between 10 am and 2 pm), then put cap, clothes and sunglasses to avoid UV rays. Also sunscreens can use SPF 30 or more.

Method of treatment of wrinkles

Skin creams made of vitamin A, such as tartine (retin-A), work to reduce and heal wrinkles, faded and dry skin. But they burn your skin more easily, so take steps to protect yourself. Your doctor can heal your skin with chemical peels, sanding (dermabrasion), or laser. Rejuvenating the skin involves injecting wrinkles to tighten it, or applying toxins (Botox, Diasport, Exomin) to relax the muscles.

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