Will labial adhesion go away on its own?

Will labial adhesion go away on its own? Have you ever heard of Labial Fusion? It is a vaginal disease, mostly seen in young girls. This disease is not common, but is very painful. Labial fusion is a situation in which small Inner Lips on the vagina’s entrance are joined together. In some cases, labial fusion completely closes the opening of the vagina. There is only a little space left in the front, from where the Urine Pass can be made. Labial fusion is also known as Obelial Fusion, labial adhesion , Vulvar Fusion and Labial Agglutination. Learn about symptoms, causes and treatment of labial fusion from gynecologist Dr. Aradhana Singh of Fortis Hospital, Noida.

Know symptoms causes and treatment of vaginal problem labial fusion by doctor
Will labial adhesion go away on its own?

Labial Fusion Problem is Seen More in These

labial fusion

About 2 percent of girls between the ages of 3 months to 6 years of age have a problem of labial fusion. Girls between the ages of 1 and 2 are most affected by it. It can also affect women who have given birth. Along with this, during the period of menopause, women are also undergoing labial fusion. This problem is not seen in teenage girls, because estrogen hormone is produced in their body.
Symptoms of Labial Fusion

Labial fusion symptoms are very common. In this girls, women sometimes suffer unbearable pain. This condition of Vajina’s inner lips joining is very painful. In some cases, there may be pain in the valva. It mostly hurts after passing Urine Pass. In women suffering from labial fusion, urine passes dripping drop-by-pass even after passing it. Along with this, there is also difficulty in urinating. In some cases, women complain of pain in the vagina even after coming in contact with them while riding the bike. Discharge from vagina is also a symptom of labial fusion.
Causes of Labial Fusion

Although the exact reasons of the labial fusion have not been known yet, but due to these reasons, this problem may occur.

  • Low levels of estrogen hormone
  • Having some skin problem at that place
  • Not taking care of personal hygiene
  • Irritation in the membranes of the reproductive organs

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This can be detected by examining the vulva. Usually the victim cannot identify it herself.
Treatment of Labial Fusion

Whether or not to treat a labial fusion depends on the case.

labial fusion treatment

  • If there is no symptom of this in the patient, then it can be cured on reaching the sexual state itself, because in teenage estrogen hormone develops in the body, which causes this problem to be cured.
  • However, if its symptoms are seen in the patient, then it is necessary to get treatment. For this, doctors recommend applying Estrogen Rich Cream at that place. It also has some side effects like bleeding and enlargement of breasts. Doctors may also recommend applying some steroid with or in place of estrogen cream.
  • In rare cases where creams do not prove effective, manual or surgical may be required. This is usually done when the victim is having trouble urinating or the cream does not prove effective.
    It is also very important to adopt good hygiene after all types of treatment.

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If your little girl or you are suffering from labial fusion yourself, do not ignore it when you see symptoms. It is a painful disease, but it can be cured by treatment. In some situations it resolves on its own. If you also see the symptoms mentioned above, then visit your gynecologist.

Will labial adhesion go away on its own?

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