Why should we not use tight clothes?

Why should we not use tight clothes? Some people wear tight belts excessively. The habit of wearing a tight belt can be overwhelming for you in the long run. Both men and women can face many serious problems due to wearing tight belts. Actually, in the lower abdomen where we put the belt, there are many important parts of the body and many important veins pass through there. In such a situation, due to wearing a tight belt for a long time, you may have a lot of health problems.

It is often seen that people wear tight belts to show their stomach less, to hide obesity or due to habit. At the same time, there are many such belts in the market for weight loss and to hide obesity, which keep your stomach tight. All these can be harmful for health. Let us tell you how tight belts can be dangerous for your health.

Wearing Tight Belt may Increase Risk of Infertility
Why should we not use tight clothes?

Heart burn (acid reflux) problem

Wearing tight belts throughout the day increases your risk of acid reflux or heart burn. Actually the tight belt puts pressure on your stomach, due to which the acid made to digest food crosses its limit and reaches the lungs and throat. This is why people wearing tight belts often have problems with chest irritation, indigestion, constipation and indigestion. In the long run, this problem can also cause throat cancer.

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Decreased fertility

Wearing tight belts for long periods of time can lead to decreased fertility of both men and women, increasing the risk of infertility. Wearing tight belts actually creates pressure on the pelvic area, where vital organs associated with reproduction. Also, due to tight belts, air does not reach the private organs properly and the body temperature (body heat) increases, which reduces the sperm count (sperm count).
Hernia problem

Wearing tight belts can also make you a victim of serious illness like hernia. In the case of Hiatal Hernia, the upper part of the stomach comes out of the diaphragm due to the weakening of its diaphragm, due to which it is unable to stop the acid inside it. These acids reach the stomach and cause irritation, due to which we feel burning sensation and severe pain in our chest.

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Spinal and knee problems

Tight belts at the waist change the way men use their abdominal muscles when they are standing. This is due to the extra pressure placed on those muscles. This extra pressure can cause spinal cord stiffness. In addition, tying more tight belts also changes the angles of center of gravity and pelvic area. In addition, it also puts additional pressure on the knee joints.

Back Pain and Swelling in the Legs

If you wear a tight belt, you may have back pain. This is because the cytic nerve and many other important veins pass around your waist, the pressure on which damages your body. Apart from this, you may also experience swelling in your feet due to pressure around your waist.

Why should we not use tight clothes?

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