Why is my child sensitive to light?

Why is my child sensitive to light? Cases of eye diseases and eye weakness in children are increasing rapidly due to wrong lifestyle. Nowadays, many children living in cities have eyeglasses before the age of 10 years. The reason for this is that some children have wrong eating habits right from the beginning and some lifestyle mistakes. By seeing certain habits in children again and again, it can be guessed earlier that their eyes are getting weak. Let us tell you what those habits are.

Why is my child sensitive to light?

Children’s eyes are fragile

The eyes are one of the most delicate organs of the body. Children’s eyes on it are more delicate than adults because as children grow up, some necessary fine tissue is formed in their eyes. Therefore special care of the eyes is required in childhood. But sometimes due to wrong habits, children start having problems related to the eyes and we do not pay attention like – children repeatedly put their hands on the eyes, due to which the eye infection increases the risk. Sometimes these infections can also prove to be very harmful for the eyes of growing children. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent and treat the problem immediately.

Most children have myopia

Cases of vision defects in children are increasing rapidly. Especially myopia, in which distant objects are not clearly visible. According to experts, to prevent these problems, regular eye examination is necessary in children, as well as correct way of reading, natural light and less time spent on screen.

These symptoms are signs of eye problem in children

Turning one eye or looking in another direction.
Blink the eyes of children again and again, while watching TV or reading a book, keep mouthing your eyes.
Not being able to see right or falling objects by hand etc.
Bringing things too close or tilting the head too much to see things.
Headache without cause, watery eyes or visible twitch of an object.
White marks appear in the eyes in the photo.

When is it important to examine children’s eyes

Usually, if the child is born in a good hospital, the doctor examines his eyes at birth. But still you should keep the eyes of the children checked from time to time.

When the child starts going to school at the age of 3-4, then get an eye checkup done
At the age of 5, once again eye examination is necessary
If the child’s eyesight is correct, then every 2 years, eye examination of children is necessary.
If the child’s eyesight is weak, then eye examination is necessary every 6 months till the age of 14 years
If the child has already worn eyeglasses or has fitted a lens, then eye examination should be done every 2 months.

How to keep children’s eyes safe

Spend time in natural light.
Use TV, computer, mobile and video games sparingly.
Always keep in mind the correct distance (at least 30 cm distance) between the eye and the book / screen.
Work in the right light.
Do not play games while lying on a book, tablet or phone etc.

Why is my child sensitive to light?

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