Why is dieting bad for you?

Why is dieting bad for you? Diet to reduce obesity is in full swing these days. The amount of calories going into the body is controlled by eating less or eating limited things during a diet, which causes some people to lose weight. The problem of obesity in children has also increased in recent times. Sometimes people consider dieting to be the right way for children to lose weight. But do you know that dieting can be dangerous for children’s health. Yes, according to experts, dieting can be dangerous for children under 16 years. Let us tell you 5 reasons for this.

3 Reasons why Dieting is Dangerous for Children
Why is dieting bad for you?

Child Development can Stop

Children may start dieting if you persuade or force them to look slim, but this dieting can affect their physical development. Actually, the child’s physical and mental development takes place from birth till the age of 20 years. During this time, the right amount of all the nutrients in his body such as vitamins, proteins, antioxidants etc. is very important. Children’s body is not able to get the right amount of nutrients when dieting, due to which their growth may be impeded.

Body may be Weak

Usually, people always consider obese body as strong and powerful. But it is not so. Despite obesity many people have very weak bodies. If children go on dieting, their body becomes more vulnerable to weakness. In growing age, the child’s body needs many elements – such as vitamin D and calcium for bones, vitamin A for eyes, vitamin E for skin and hair and vitamin C for immunity. If the child does not eat properly, then he will not get all the necessary nutrients, which will make his body weak.

Baby may be ill

Usually, when a person is dieting, his body starts melting the fat stored in the body for energy, which causes the person to lose weight. Disease resistance develops well by old age, so a person is more likely to remain healthy during dieting. But compared to the elders, the child’s immunity is weak and nutritious food is very important to make it strong. Therefore, when children go for dieting, their immune system starts to weaken further, which can also make the children sick.

What is the right way to reduce obesity in children?

Instead of dieting your child for weight loss, make it a habit to improve his eating habits.
Instead of giving the child a lot of food at once, feed it a few times
Include raw fresh fruits, colored vegetables, nuts, nuts and coarse grains in the child’s diet. They contain fiber and will reduce weight.
Children often make a big mistake that they drink very little water. While it is very important for children to drink at least 6-7 glasses of 2-2.5 liters of water daily.
Instead of dieting, get used to exercising in the child. Exercise will burn his fat and increase the body’s flexibility. This will gradually make his body thin.

Why is dieting bad for you?

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