Why is breast milk good for newborns?

Why is breast milk good for newborns? Call it the charisma of nature or the creation of nature. It is nutritious for the baby in many ways. In today’s article, we will talk to Dr. Rajni, a gynecologist of Jamshedpur Telco, to know about its benefits. So that the mother can know its benefits and feed the baby with milk. Mother’s thick yellow milk is very beneficial for the health of the baby.

Why is breast milk good for newborns?

Why is mother’s milk important for the baby, drinking it makes you stronger
The gynecologist tells that the baby has a complete right on the mother’s milk. Every baby should get breast milk. There are many benefits of mother’s milk, such as

Breast Feeding

  1. Milk is rich in zinc, protein, vitamins
    Doctors tell that the right amount of zinc, multi-vitamins, proteins, fats, salts, iron, all nutrients are present in breast milk. These nutrients present in breast milk change as the baby grows. In such a situation, if the baby is given only mother’s milk on time, then he will not need other nutrients. Because it will be filled with the nutrients present in the mother’s milk.
  2. The effect and effect of vaccination is good
    After the birth of the baby, he is given several vaccines. in order to protect him from diseases. If the baby is drinking mother’s milk at the right time and drinking it in regular quantity, then the vaccine will have a good effect on him and he will be able to fight against diseases.
  3. The face and teeth are well formed
    Doctors say that mothers who breastfeed their babies regularly have better facial and teeth structure. There is no decay and other problems in the teeth.
  4. Helpful in fighting diseases like allergic reaction, eczema
    According to the doctor, babies who drink breast milk are less prone to many diseases such as allergic reactions and eczema. Because this disease is more commonly seen in babies. On the other hand, those mothers who do not feed the baby for some reason or give bottle milk are more likely to get this disease.
  5. Baby digests easily
    Experts say that mother’s milk has this specialty that the baby digests it very quickly. Because mother’s milk contains sufficient amount of digestive elements. This is the reason why the baby should be given only breast milk in the first six months.

Mother Milk

  1. Immunity is stronger than normal children
    Experts say that compared to normal children, babies who consume breast milk regularly have more immunity. Their immunity is so high that they do not fall ill quickly due to minor diseases. Breast milk contains sufficient amounts of antibodies, lactoferon and WBCs. This is the reason why the baby is able to fight diseases. These babies can fight off bacterial and viral infections. If you have recently given birth to a baby, try giving mother’s thick yellow milk instead of formula milk. So that it is strong not only from outside but also from inside.

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  1. Breastfed Babies Are Faster
    Experts say that babies who are breastfed grow faster than others. The intelligence level of a breastfed or formula-fed baby varies. Babies who drink only breast milk grow faster than normal babies. The development of a baby’s brain occurs most during the first six months. At the same time, the development of the baby’s brain takes place for a total of two years. In such a situation, mother’s milk is very important for the baby.
  2. Chances of getting cancer in children are also less
    Doctors say that infants who drink breast milk have been seen to be less prone to lymphoma cancer. At the same time, as the age increases, the chances of getting many other types of cancer also decrease. Hence mothers are advised to breastfeed the baby.

Features of breast milk
Along with the birth of the baby, as he grows up, similarly the elements present in the mother’s milk change. Doctors tell that if the baby is premature, then the mother’s milk is slightly different, so that the baby can digest it easily. As the age of the baby increases, so does the quantity of mother’s milk. The nutrients present in it also increase.

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These are the benefits of breastfeeding for a long time
Baby is less likely to get Tit II diabetes
Lowers the problem of cholesterol and blood pressure
Infants who have been breastfed for a long period of time are less likely to develop obesity.

To avail these benefits, make the baby consume mother’s milk.
To avail all these benefits, after the birth of the baby, he should be fed only the mother’s thick yellow milk. So that by this the baby can be physically and mentally healthy. For more information, you can consult your doctor or gynecologist.

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