Why does my child hit his head?

Why does my child hit his head? You do anything to keep your child safe. You take several ways to reduce the risk of their accidents. But in spite of all this you must have found that many babies and children growing up start banging their heads on talk. Seeing them, parents often feel that they are doing all this in anger. But it is not so. Actually, there are some health problems in such children, due to which they do such actions. It is also an aspect of child upbringing, which parents should take care of. But today we will know the scientific reasons behind these child and child movements and understand how this can be controlled.

Why does my child hit his head?

Why do children bang their head?

Slamming the head of a baby and a child may seem like an act of normal anger and senselessness, but in reality it is not. Actually babies and some babies do this almost as a self-soothing technique when they nap or fall asleep. But despite being a common habit, this is not great. Head banging can take different forms. Some children only bang their head when they lie in bed, and then repeatedly hit their head with a pillow or mattress. So some infants or children we hit the head intentionally on the wall, cradle railing, or behind a chair. Some children shake their bodies beating their heads, and they are enjoying doing it. So others cry or make noise. Apart from this

-This habit can start around 6 to 9 months of age, many children have a habit from 3 to 5 years of age.
-Head banging episodes last relatively 15 minutes and sometimes the child does it for a long time.

What are the possible causes of head banging in infants and children?
in sleep

Interestingly, this habit often occurs just before the baby sleeps. This may sound painful, but in reality, children calm themselves down by beating their heads. They get a pleasant experience by doing this. It is similar to how some children shake their feet while going to sleep or some children enjoy rocking to sleep. To put it bluntly, head banging is a form of self-comfort for them, which often leads to sleep. To cure this, put the baby to sleep next to you and put some affectionately on his head. This will make them feel as relaxed as beating the head. While sleeping, make sure that your child sleeps properly. Pay special attention to the fact that the soft things around him so that even if he hits his head, he does not get hurt.

Developmental disorder and disorder

Sometimes, head banging can also be a sign of a disorder condition such as autism. This is indicative of his psychological and neurological concerns, suggesting that he has a mental illness associated with him. For this, you must first check your child thoroughly. Your child is healthy and does not show signs of a developmental, psychological or neurological condition and is only a mental disorder if he is to behead before sleeping. If the child does it all the time or does more then show the child to the pediatrician.

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