Why do men stand up when they pee?

Why do men stand up when they pee? The way men and women usually urinate varies. If women sit and urin, men stand there and dissolve urine. From time to time, scientists all over the world discuss this notion. Some people justify sitting by men and urinating, while some people consider standing and urinating right. While the outlook of some is related to cleanliness and health, who have their own different theory.

However, some men sit and urinate so that the feet do not splatter and the dirt does not spread. But many people urinate only by not standing in a hurry. In such a situation, the question arises that how should men urinate? In order to know and understand the answer to this question, we have looked at some research and have also talked to the expert. On which we have got some great information.

How Should Men Pee Sit or Stand
Why do men stand up when they pee?

What is the process of urination?

Most people find it more practical for men to stand up and urinate. This does not take them much time. Perhaps this is the reason why there is not much longer line outside the male urinal. However, many experts believe that how you position while urinating affects the amount of urine passing out.

Before knowing the right way to urinate, we also have to understand how urine is formed.

Urine is made in our kidneys or kidneys. Kidneys cleanse the waste of our blood. The urine then collects in a bladder. This is the reason why we do not have to go to the washroom again and again. This is the reason why we do our work comfortably and sleep at night. We only need to urinate when two-thirds of the bladder is full. When we are ready to urinate, our pelvic floor muscles and a circular muscle innervating the urinary tract dilate. After this, the bladder shrinks and urine passes out. A healthy person does not need to apply force to dissipate urine.

Should men urinate while sitting or standing?

One study says that for men who have prostate problems and swelling, sitting and urinating is more beneficial. In this research, comparisons have been made between healthy men and men with lower urinary tract symptoms (prostate syndrome). Studies have found that in people struggling with this problem, it has been found that if they sit and urinate, the pressure on their urethra decreases. This makes their urination easier. However, no difference has been observed in healthy men standing and sitting or urinating.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of urinating in men while sitting or standing, it remains to be studied further. Experts agree that standing and urinating can spread urine, which causes dirt. In such a situation, instead of urinating in the open, do it in an accessible toilet.

Why do men stand up when they pee?

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