Why Chelsea were better against Liverpool in Super Cup than vs Man Utd

Former Chelsea duo Joe Cole and Glenn Hoddle explained why their former club was better against Liverpool than in Old Trafford against Manchester United.

Life under Frank Lampard started badly for Chelsea, as they suffered a strong 4-0 loss in the Premier League at Manchester United on Sunday.

The score was flattering for the Red Devils after the Blues dominated much of the first half.

Chelsea quickly returned to action on Wednesday in the UEFA Super Cup against Liverpool in Istanbul.

Lampard’s team led the break 1-0 thanks to a well-worked goal by Olivier Giroud.

And Cole explained the difference in the last two performances.

Glenn Hoddle was impressed with Chelsea against Liverpool (Image: BT SPORT)

“Against Manchester United I felt that there was a bit of anxiety within the team,” Cole said in BT Sport.

“They wanted to play with the front foot and there was a lot of pressure that maybe they didn’t have to do.”

“Tonight they have gotten into a low to medium block, there is no space between the lines and they are using triggers to go up and press.”

“They are winning the balls and when they are winning it, the biggest difference I feel is that they are winning and breaking with [Christian] Pulisic and Pedro and [Olivier] Giroud in some great positions.”

“They are showing a lot of respect to Liverpool and are waiting for the mistakes.”

The former Chelsea coach, Hoddle, was impressed with Lampard’s change three days after United’s defeat.

“Chelsea are playing as if they were playing away from home against a team in their own stadium and this is how it is set up,” Hoddle said.

“I think he learned a lot from Old Trafford, I think they were wrong in Old Trafford, where they were pushing too hard.

“It’s easier for them to keep that going for 90 minutes because you’re saving energy.

“Now it’s Liverpool’s turn to open Chelsea.

“But they blocked all three in the center of the field, played on the field and at the right time they left and pressed.”

“They have been very impressive doing so, Chelsea has been excellent.”

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