Why can’t my newborn sleep at night?

Why can’t my newborn sleep at night? Young children often wake up during the night, with parents having to stay awake. Even after taking care of the baby throughout the day, if you do not get to sleep properly at night, then it starts affecting your health badly. But if the child does not sleep, then in this situation you cannot even sleep without leaving them. So try so that your child does not wake up at night. Today we are going to tell you some such tips in this article, by adopting which your child can get sound sleep at night. This will give comfort to the child as well as you. Let’s have a look at these tips

Simple tips to make your newborn baby get a good sleep
Why can’t my newborn sleep at night?
  1. Put baby to sleep by singing a lullaby
    When the baby sleeps, make them sleep by singing a lullaby. Due to this, their attention will not be on the things around them. He will sleep soundly after listening to the sweet sound of the lullaby. Also, make sure to put your baby to sleep in a secluded place, so that they can avoid learning about anything other than your lullaby.

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  1. Try to sleep on your lap
    If your baby is feeling sleepy, put them to sleep on your lap. Most of the babies want to sleep by swinging on their mother’s lap during sleep. So if you want to put your baby to sleep in a deep sleep, then sleep on your lap.
  2. Breastfeed Before Sleeping
    When you feel that your baby is falling asleep, take them in your arms and breastfeed them. This will help them sleep well. Apart from this, if your child is older than 6 months or has become fit to eat and drink, then feed them such thing while sleeping at night, so that they do not feel hungry in between. Because most of the children wake up during the night due to hunger. Therefore, it is very important to fill their stomach while sleeping. so that they do not wake up intermittently.
  3. Put the baby to sleep in a clean place
    Cleanliness of the surroundings is very important for good and sound sleep. If you want your baby to sleep soundly, keep their sleeping area clean. Also keep the surrounding environment cool. Apart from this, check their diapers in between. If the diaper has become wet or dirty, change it immediately. This will help them sleep well.
  4. Sleep in the Pram
    Some babies sleep better in a pram or a trawler than on a lap. If you shake your baby by putting him in a pram or troller, his eyes start to get heavy. By doing this they are forced to fall asleep. That way if your baby sleeps, they get a sound sleep.

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  1. Do not leave the child alone
    Never make your baby sleep alone. If you are leaving the room for work, leave someone or something with the child. Because if for some reason the child wakes up, he may be afraid to find himself alone in the room. To avoid such a situation, keep someone near the child.
  2. Don’t scare the baby before bedtime
    If your baby is beginning to understand things, don’t show them scary things while they are sleeping. Apart from this, do not scare them with anything, it affects their sleep. They can’t sleep because of fear. This can upset you as well as the child.

With these easy ways, you can make your babies sleep soundly. But if your baby is not able to sleep due to any problem and wakes up crying at night, then it would be better for you to contact the doctor. So that their problem can be treated properly.

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