Which dry fruit is good for sperm count?

Which dry fruit is good for sperm count? Both sperm count and sperm quality mean a lot to the healthy and joyful life of men. But these days, the sperm count of men from all over the world is rapidly decreasing. The number of married couples in the world is increasing, who, despite all efforts, are still not having children. In most of these cases, low sperm content or poor quality is responsible for men’s semen. This is called male infertility i.e. male infertility. These types of problems are usually not mentioned to anyone, which causes them to face all kinds of problems and domestic discord throughout their life.

3 Dry Fruits Increases Sperm Count in Male
Which dry fruit is good for sperm count?

Best foods for men to boost fertility

To a large extent behind this problem of men is their mis-catering and wrong lifestyle. By improving it and consuming certain things, men can overcome their physical and sexual weakness in a few months, increase sperm quality and count, as well as increase their stamina. Dry fruits or dry fruits are very effective in this work. We are telling you 3 such dry fruits, which are considered very beneficial for increasing the sperm count of men.

Eat dates

Dates have been used for hundreds of years to increase men’s fertility and to treat latent diseases, not today. Many research on dates has also revealed that eating dates increases sperm count and quality and keeps the reproductive system (reproductive system) healthy. Dates have two major compounds called estradiol and flavonoids, which make it special for men. Dates are the most popular food eaten in the world to cure male fertility. The use of dates is also considered beneficial in increasing the size of the breasts of women. Apart from this, the consumption of dates also increases sexuality and stamina in men.

Raisins are also beneficial

Raisins are made by drying grapes, but they are more nutritious and beneficial than grapes. The reason for this is that during drying, raisins concentrate energy, vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants and minerals. The amount of vitamin A in raisins is very good, due to which it is beneficial in all the problems of men. Consumption of raisins daily increases the sperm count of men and also increases the quality of sperm. Apart from this, the intake of raisins improves the motility of men’s sperm. Therefore, men must consume raisins as a snack. However, people who have diabetes should consume it in limited quantity by asking their doctor.

male fertility and sperm count
dried figs

Dried figs are also a very beneficial dry fruit for men. Consumption of figs also improves fertility of men and increases their sperm count. Figs are considered to be the most nutritious fruit loaded with vitamins and minerals. The special thing about figs is that it contains vitamin B6, pantothenic acid and copper in very good quantity. Apart from this, fig is also a good source of fiber, so its consumption increases fertility. Eating dried figs increases men’s sperm count and increases motility. You can also eat figs at snack time.

Which dry fruit is good for sperm count?

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