Which children are most vulnerable for contracting COVID-19?

Which children are most vulnerable for contracting COVID-19? The corona virus outbreak is spreading rapidly around the world, so everyone is worried about this virus and is looking for ways to avoid it. Many countries are trying to make vaccines to deal with the deadly virus, but so far no medicines have been prepared to deal with this virus. On the other hand, many research is going on on the virus. Meanwhile, the risk of corona virus is also a concern for children.

Corona virus is a disease that can pass from one person to another. This is the reason why parents are also very worried about their children that their children should stay away from the disease. This virus infects old people and children quite quickly. Disease resistance is very low in the elderly and children, so the virus can make them their prey very quickly. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also advised to take special care of children and the elderly. Also, looking at the situation, the CDC has also given several suggestions as to how you can take care of your children.

How parents take care of Childrens in Corona Virus
Which children are most vulnerable for contracting COVID-19?

Wash hands with frequent soap

Both children or elderly people should wash hands frequently. Also, you should explain to them how you can keep yourself away from corona virus by keeping hands together and washing hands repeatedly with soap.
Keep children away from infected person

The symptoms of corona virus are similar to those of common viral, which is difficult to detect immediately. Therefore, you should keep your children away from people in whom you see symptoms like cough, fever, cold or cold. Let us tell you that these viruses can enter from any person to any person.

Ask children to apply masks

Always ask your children to apply masks, especially when your child is out of the house. Also, try not to let the children go outside the house without any reason, as well as avoid going to the crowded place. Apart from this, you prevent children from touching anything outside.

Keep children’s nails clean

It is often a habit in children that they put their hands in their mouths in a short time. Because of which bacteria enter the body through their mouth. Therefore, you should try to keep the nails of children always clean. Also, make them habit of bathing daily.

Give information related to virus

Children often do not understand things due to lack of knowledge. Give your children all the information related to the virus and tell them how important it is to avoid the virus and how dangerous it is.

Which children are most vulnerable for contracting COVID-19?

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