Which brand is best for hair rebonding?

Which brand is best for hair rebonding? What is the difference between smoothening or rebonding, is a million-dollar question. It is difficult to answer which of these is better and why as both of them have their own functionality and usefulness. Smooth, silky and shiny traces are every woman’s dream. While some are naturally blessed with longer, straighter and shinier hair, others go for hair treatments to get desired looks. The most prominent straightening treatments are smoothening and rebonding.

Difference between hair smoothening and hair rebonding
Which brand is best for hair rebonding?

Important points about hair straightening treatment
These change the look and texture of hair
Adds shine and smoothness
Keeps your hair pin-straight for a few months
Reduces hair breakage
Keeps them untangled
Hair Smoothening Vs Hair Rebonding
Hair smoothening

The objective of both of these processes is the same, the difference only lies in the procedure. These hair treatments make use of chemicals to straighten hair and keep them as it is for months long. There is a very slight difference between these processes which is why people are often confused about choosing the correct one for their hair. Also, both of these do damage hair due to the chemical agents present in them.

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Smoothening or Rebonding: What To Choose?

Smoothening is comparatively cheaper
The process takes less time to get done
Lesser use of chemicals
Aftercare is inexpensive
Lasts up to six months
Rebonding is slightly costly
It is a time-taking process
Uses a lot of chemical agents throughout the process
Weakens the roots of hair due to the long procedure
Can last up to one year depending upon the growth of your hair
Starts to wear off as your hair growth increases
The final decision depends on what do you want. If you want perfectly pin-straight hair then rebonding is what you should go for. While if you just want to add some smoothness and shine to your hair, better to get smoothening done. It is relatively milder than rebonding and cheaper as well. You should be aware of the rebonding and straightening facts.

Nothing is permanent
hair rebonding

Hair straightening treatments are advertised as permanent hair straightening procedures which is nothing but a myth. No treatment in the world can straighten your hair permanently. The new hair growth is always in the original texture which means that you would need a retouch to maintain the straightness. This is why these treatments usually last for a good 6 to 12 months only. After that, the difference in new hair and treated hair becomes apparent. Therefore, before spending your hard-earned money on these expensive treatments, make sure that you know everything about these.

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Alternatives to hair-straightening treatments:
Natural hair is the best. If you can retain and embrace the natural beauty of your hair, it is the best. Treating hair with chemicals makes them prone to damage which might have a long-term impact on your hair health.

Although, for occasional transformations, you can try keratin hair straighteners and curlers. These are less damaging and gives you the desired texture.

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