When is bed rest recommended during pregnancy?

When is bed rest recommended during pregnancy? Doctors specifically recommend bed rest to pregnant women during pregnancy, during pregnancy, during pregnancy, during pregnancy, during pregnancy, during multiple pregnancy, when there is a rise in blood pressure during pregnancy. In the case of high risk pregnancy, doctors also recommend full time bed rest. Apart from this, doctors also recommend bed rest to avoid stress or fatigue during pregnancy, but this does not mean that a pregnant woman should not be active. During pregnancy, you should also include yoga, workout, walk, etc. along with rest in your routine. For more information on this subject, we spoke to the gynecologist Dr. Deepa Sharma of Jhalkari Bai Hospital, Lucknow.

Reasons for bed rest during pregnancy
When is bed rest recommended during pregnancy?

rest in pregnancy

  1. Preterm labor

If premature delivery occurs due to any reason before the completion of nine months, then the doctor can advise you to rest the bed for a few months. In some cases, doctors stop the preterm delivery, then it is necessary for the mother to take complete rest.

  1. Pre-eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia in pregnancy leads to increased blood pressure, inflammation, and increased protein content in the ureen. Your doctor may recommend a bed rest if you have high blood pressure or preclampsia in pregnancy. This will make your delivery safe.

  1. Vaginal bleeding

Bleeding can occur due to premature placenta separation or preterm delivery, so doctors recommend bed rest after treatment. Doctors recommend resting after or before delivery even if there are changes in vagina during pregnancy such as contraction or pain or any other type of problem.

  1. Multiple pregnancy

Mothers who have twin children need to take more care during pregnancy. In such case also, the doctor can advise you of bed rest. This will reduce the pressure on the cervix and relax the body. The pain in the mother’s bones that occurs during multiple pregnancy is high because the child takes vitamin D from the mother’s body. To get relief from pain, doctors recommend bed rest.
What is the best gold position in pregnancy? (Best position for sleep during pregnancy)

best sleeping position

Which position you have to sleep in during pregnancy depends on your health. In most cases, the doctor advises you to sleep on both sides. For comfort you can put a pillow between your knees. Apart from this, a large oval shape pillow is available in the market for a special pregnancy. You can also sleep with it. You should avoid lying on your stomach. It may happen that during pregnancy you feel difficulty sleeping. There may also be pain in your body. If you keep turning, then there will be no pressure on the issues. Do not carry heavy exercises or heavy items when the doctor advises you to rest the bed, as this will stress your body.

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Are there disadvantages of prolonged rest during pregnancy? (Negative effects of long rest hours during pregnancy)

long rest in pregnancy

It is also not good to do bed rest for a long period of time, without consulting your doctor during pregnancy. This can cause you many disadvantages-

  1. Stomach or back pain during pregnancy.
  2. Or back pain.
  3. Screen irritation or rashes.
  4. Blood clots in the feet may occur when the body is stable.
  5. Too late lying during pregnancy can also lead to conception.
  6. Prolonged lying down can also result in swelling of the feet.
  7. Staying late during pregnancy can also lead to gestational diabetes.
  8. During pregnancy, lying down in one place for a long time can also cause stress or depression.
  9. Blood circulation of the body is also reduced by lying down for a long time.

What activities can be done during bed rest in pregnancy? (Activities during pregnancy while resting)

During bed rest you must keep doing some activity. Due to this, blood circulation will remain in the body, your mental and physical health will also be good.

  1. You can squeeze stress ball during pregnancy at bed rest, it will not stress.
  2. Breathing can only be done on exercise bed, just avoid over-draining your abdominal or stomach issues.
  3. You can read the book during bed rest, it will keep your mind calm and will not cause depression.
  4. Stretching during bed rest in pregnancy. Stretching the body is essential to avoid the problem of blood clots in the foot and heel and to keep the issue strong.

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What to consider during bed rest in pregnancy? (Bed rest during pregnancy)

  1. Keep yourself comfortable during bed rest. Choose clothes that are not too tight. If it is summer time, wear cotton so it will reduce the risk of infection.
  2. You must keep changing your position every hour.
  3. Place the thin pillow under the head and sleep between the knees.
  4. You should drink water every hour during bed rest. Drinking water will keep you active and hydrated. Drinking water will reduce the problem of constipation and inflammation.
  5. During pregnancy, keep in mind your diet during bed rest. Eat 5 small meals instead of three big meals.

Bed rest is recommended to give body comfort in pregnancy. Apart from this, it is necessary to rest for the blood flow to the placenta properly, but do not lie too late in the same position and do not make the mistake of lying down for the whole day unless the doctor advises you to rest the full time bed. Do it

When is bed rest recommended during pregnancy?

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