What was #Ronaldo’s #best #season in his #career?

Since he started playing football at the highest level, Cristiano Ronaldo has never slowed down. He delivers every season from the beginning and even now, at 34, he is still scoring easily and leading his club to victories week after week.
Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best in the world for one reason: he has no bad seasons. He is always playing for the team and is playing for, and this often leads to team honors and individual praise. His high scoring ability makes him one of the best players in history. His reputation with club fans has made him a legend in some of the biggest clubs in the world. This natural ability to score goals means that he is a favorite to win every day and ensures that his team is a leading contender in each competition. But what season has the best of Ronaldo?

Manchester United 2007/08

The season when Ronaldo won the 2007/08 campaign with Manchester United. Ronaldo had scored in the previous season to the Red Devils to a first league title in four seasons. But he took his game to a new level this season. Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez joined Ronaldo to form one of the best attack forces in the Premier League of all time.

They were pushed to the title of the race when they beat Wigan Athletic on the last day to secure the title. Ronaldo scored the first game at the DW stadium, but there were still things to come. United competed in the 2008 Champions League final against Chelsea, and Ronaldo marked his authority in the game by scoring the first game.

Ronaldo’s best season (image: getty)

Chelsea matched through Frank Lampard and the game went to penalties. Man United reigned supreme in Moscow, but Ronaldo missed his kick. In total, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 42 goals that season, which remains in the Manchester United record.

Real Madrid 2013/14

Cristiano Ronaldo was taken to Real Madrid with a clear goal in mind: to win the Champions League. He finally delivered the tenth European Cup that extended the record at the end of the 2013/14 season.

Ronaldo scored 51 goals in total throughout this season, and under the direction of Carlo Ancelotti, his game was tight. Instead of occupying a position in the wing, it is moving to a more central role and a free pass is given to whatever it wants in the field.

Ronaldo’s statistics are so good that this season is still only his fifth best return in terms of goals. But he was the man for the big occasion this season for Madrid. He played a crucial role in his trip to the Copa del Rey final before losing the injury victory.

However, he was also inspired by the Champions League. He finished the competition with 17 goals in 12 games. He also scored in the final 4-1 victory against Atlético de Madrid.

Real Madrid 2015/16

2016 will be remembered as one of the best years of Cristiano Ronaldo’s career. Once again he scored 51 goals for Madrid and awarded another title of the Champions League. It began this season under the direction of Rafael Benítez, but the appointment of Zinedine Zidane changed all that.

The French arrived at the club in New York and performed excellently to secure a second place. However, it was in Europe where Ronaldo. Madrid only lost twice in all competitions after the appointment of Zidane, and Ronaldo’s goals guided the club to another Champions League final.

Ronaldo’s best season (image: getty)

Once again, they face Atlético, and Ronaldo scored the winning target shot to secure a third crown of the Champions League. After 30 years, he continues to compete in the classic Breeders Cup race.

Ronaldo’s season did not end there, as he traveled to France to represent Portugal. Their performances have been guided by the national team to the final against the hosts, and the game finally ends with Ronaldo raising the European Championship, the first title in the history of the National Team. Maybe that’s why Ronaldo said it was the most important title he won in his career so far.

Ronaldo’s best season (image: getty)

Cristiano Ronaldo’s next match for Juventus in the UEFA Champions League is October 1, against Bayer Leverkusen. Must share your thoughts about cristiano ronaldo career in the comment section below…

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