What should I avoid if I have MS?

What should I avoid if I have MS? Have your periods stopped suddenly? If yes, then these may be symptoms of multiple sclerosis. In this, the patient has severe pain in the body and attacks. The closure of periods in women is also considered a symptom of this disease. It is a disease of the central nervous system that affects the brain and spine. This makes your eyes weak, muscles weak. You forget things. This article can be useful for you to know more similar symptoms. There is no exact cure for this disease, but if you go to the doctor in time, then its effect can be reduced with therapy and medicines. For more information on this, we spoke to Dr. Seema Yadav, MD of Care Institute of Life Sciences, Lucknow.

Symptoms causes and treatment of multiple sclerosis in women
What should I avoid if I have MS?

multiple sclerosis in women
What is multiple sclerosis? (What is multiple sclerosis)

Multiple sclerosis is a diabetic disease in which a human being suddenly attacks. Due to this disease, a blemish is formed in the brain due to which the attack comes and the patient becomes insensitive. The cells begin to weaken at the spot where the stain occurs. This affects the eyes, spines. With the light of the eyes reduced, life ends in hands and feet. In such a situation, one should go to the hospital immediately. In this disease, pain starts in the face, stomach, nerves. This disease can occur due to disturbances in the immune system. To avoid this, the patient is given steroid injections. Doctors perform contrast MRI for examination. During the examination, the doctors examine the eye stem, the brace stem. There is also somato sensory test for nerves.

  1. Stop getting periods

This disease affects the immune system, which can prevent periods. Sometimes it is not a big deal to have periods, but if you do not have periods for three consecutive months, then you should visit your doctor.

  1. Swallow or speech issues

If you have difficulty chewing anything, you should also show your doctor. It can also be a symptom of the disease. Damage of brain damage also affects speech. This may change your speech or even if you have to speak intermittently, consider it as a symptom of the disease and see the doctor.

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  1. Multitasking problem

multitasking problem in women

Women have a habit of handling household and outdoor work together, but in multiple sclerosis there is difficulty in doing more than one job at a time. This causes mood swings more often. You start laughing or crying fast. Be careful if you see such symptoms. In this disease, many people are unable to wear normal work like shirts.

  1. Trouble distinguishing between colors (Color blindness)

If you have difficulty distinguishing in color, then these can also be symptoms of brain disease. Due to this disease the health of the eyes starts deteriorating due to which you may have color blindness.

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  1. You tend to forget everything.

Think about your meeting or birth of a special person and you forget. This can also be a symptom of multiple sclerosis. In this, a person cannot remember everyday things. These symptoms may be symptoms of multiple sclerosis especially in women.

  1. Do not go to bathrooms even after drinking water? (Not going washroom for hours)

If you do not go to the bathroom even after drinking the whole day, it can be a serious symptom. In women, these symptoms can affect the urine, so please consult your doctor if this happens. Some people do not have any problem with this, but these symptoms should not be ignored.

  1. Trouble while texting or typing

The common symptom of multiple sclerosis is that you may have trouble typing or typing anything. You can forget your phone pattern. You lose control of your own phone. This happens because a part of your brain starts getting damaged.

Do not ignore these symptoms and get the disease treated in time.

What should I avoid if I have MS?

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