What should I avoid after giving birth?

What should I avoid after giving birth? How long does it take for the body to recover after delivery? According to the expert, there are many changes in the body after delivery, it takes several months for the body to become completely normal. In about 1 year the body can recover to a large extent, so doctors recommend a minimum of 2 years difference between children. You have to take care of many things for recovery. Today we will talk on 7 such points which will help you after delivery. For this information, we spoke to Dr. Sudha Verma, Chief Medical Officer of Dufferin Hospital, Lucknow.

Post delivery questions asked by new mothers
What should I avoid after giving birth?

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  1. How to lose weight after delivery? (How to loose weight after delivery)

Women are most worried about this question, but you do not have to worry about your diet, do not worry about weight and do not think at all about losing weight while starving. To lose weight, you have to do light exercise. If you want to exercise your hands, do it while sitting Work out by sitting with half a pillow of dumbbells. You can walk for half an hour every day. You have to avoid running fast or lifting heavy weights. To lose weight regularly do light exercise at the same time. Complete sleep You may have to stay awake overnight because of your child, so don’t take the burden of exercising in the morning. According to your routine, make time for exercising.

  1. What to eat after delivery? (Balanced diet after delivery)

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After delivery you have to breastfeed your child with recovery, so you must follow the correct diet. Contact your dietician for this. Wheat contains folic acid and iron, so you should consume it. You can also eat oats, corn, barley flour. Along with eating all the green vegetables and fruits, you also have to take a protein diet, fish, nuts, seeds or beans contain protein. Take them. You have to eat ghee in the lentils so that there is no weakness. After delivery, protect the body from dehydration, drink water from time to time. You have to eat boiled egg every day, take yogurt and other milk products.

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  1. When can I make a relationship after delivery? (Avoid physical contact immediately after delivery)

These questions also ask a lot of mothers and couples that how much time after delivery we can make a relay. You have to keep in mind that pregnancy is a kind of complex physical process that a woman has to overcome through mental and physical challenges. Whether the delivery is normal or a caesarean, it takes time to recover the body. That is why one should not be quick to make a relay after delivery. You must keep a gap of 4 to 6 weeks in this. In this time the bleeding also ends and the stitches are also cured. There is a risk of infection after delivery, so doctors recommend keeping a gap.

  1. What not to eat after delivery? (Food to be avoided after delivery)

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After delivery, the mother makes the baby breastfeed, so there are some foods that should be kept away from, such as citrus fruits. You have to stay away from oranges, mangoes, kiwis or any fruit that has a slight sourness as it can cause problems in the baby’s tube when you eat them and breastfeed the child. You have to avoid caffeine rich things like tea or coffee. Alcohol and cigarettes are not even touched by the mother, this reduces the milk secretion in the body. You also have to distance yourself from more sweet things or chocolate. Avoid more spicy foods or fried foods.

  1. How to avoid infection after delivery? (Avoid infection after delivery)

Most women get bacterial infection after delivery. It is also called postpartum infection. An easy way to avoid this is to look at cleanliness. Bleeding occurs after delivery for which sanitary pads are used, but women do not change them every day or use them for long periods of time to cause infection. After delivery, the immune resistance of the body decreases, after which bacteria or viruses easily attack the body. So you have to pay attention to cleanliness, otherwise the lower abdomen may also cause pain, fever, smelly discharge etc.

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  1. How long can normal routine work after delivery? (Duration od complete rest after delivery)

After delivery, women start doing household chores from the very next day, which can spoil their health. Whether your delivery is normal or a caesarean, you need a long rest. So don’t immediately think about work. You have to rest completely for a few weeks after delivery. You should avoid heavy work or weight lifting until the stitches are recovered. Some mothers immediately get into work due to which their stitches open. You also have to keep in mind that nothing has to be raised with a jerk. This can cause stress on the waist. You also have to keep in mind that there should be absolutely no water on the stitches, otherwise stitches can be cooked. It can also cause infection, so take care.

  1. Why is there severe pain in the joints after delivery? (Causes of muscle pain after delivery)

Due to pregnancy, there is a deficiency of calcium in the joints and bones of women, due to which the bones are weakened. During pregnancy, many physical changes take place in the body that affect the muscles. This effect lasts for several months even after delivery. During pregnancy, the weight of women becomes more than normal due to which there is pressure and pain on the bones. The weight of the fetus also affects the bone and muscles, which causes pain. This pain may last from a few weeks to 6 months.
What to do for joint pain after delivery? (Treatment of muscles pain after delivery)

  1. You can do light exercise for pain. You just have to do a workout to keep the body active, not to lift too much weight. A light workout will reduce joint pain.
  2. To reduce the pain, you can also grow with hot water. It is also relaxing with the help of snow, but choose the option after seeing the weather. You have to take care not to put hot bags or ice directly in the painful part. You only have to wrap it in a clean cloth.
  3. Joint pain is a great relief from malaise. Get your joints rubbed daily. If the weather is cold, put the oil in the sun and when it is hot, rub the joints with hot oil and it will give a lot of comfort.
  4. If you want to relieve joint pain after delivery, you can also take help of acupuncture. You can get rid of pain at home by learning from videos or going to a specialist. In this technique, special points of your body are pressed, which helps in relaxing the pain.

After delivery, the new mother forgets to take care of herself in her responsibilities while the need to pay most attention is on herself, so do not take stress and relax after delivery.

What should I avoid after giving birth?

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