What should a 10 year old Eat for Breakfast?

What should a 10 year old Eat for Breakfast? Parents often think that the more the child eats, the healthier he will be. This is the reason why some parents do not hawk even if they kill and scold some children for feeding them. But is it right to forcefully feed children? Does feeding children forcefully keep them healthy or are there some disadvantages of forced feeding? How much food should the children be fed? Today you will find answers to all such questions in this article. In fact, at every age our body needs nutrients. Therefore, children should be fed according to their age. Let us tell you at what age to feed how much is right and what are the disadvantages of forced feeding.

What should a 10 year old Eat for Breakfast?

Disadvantages of forcibly feeding children

Nutrition consultant Neelanjana Singh says that the stubbornness to feed children at par with elders is not right. Many parents give children food in school tiffins equal to the elders, which is wrong. Children have a smaller body and their body needs are also less. By forcefully feeding children, the mechanism of their body gets messed up. There can be many problems due to this.

Usually these results of forcefully feeding children –

A child can become obese during childhood.
Feeding too much food can weaken the child’s metabolism.
Children who eat more food are always tired and have more laziness.
Children may have stomach problems such as going to the toilet several times a day, indigestion and stomach pain.
There is a lack of essential nutrients in the child’s body, and sometimes instead of being obese, such children start thinning upside down and the body starts drying up.
Children’s liver and kidney are stressed, due to which they can become vulnerable to liver weakness at an early age.

Keep these things in mind while feeding children

If your child eats 1-2 loaves a day, then you do not have to worry about it. Actually, instead of feeding more, you should always pay attention to how you can feed more healthy things by giving less food to children. You must get a concept right here. All organisms eat food so that their body can get enough energy (calories) to function and get nutrients for growth or for the functioning of body function.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that while eating food to children and while eating on their own, eat and feed according to the requirement of the body, so that calories are not too much and all the nutrients are also fulfilled.

At what age should children be fed?

Neelanjana Singh says that it is usually sufficient to feed children one-fourth of the diet of the elders. That is, 1 to 2 breads a day is enough for a 1-3 year old child. Apart from this, if children from the age of 3 years to 6 years also eat 2-3 rotis in a whole day, then it is enough for them. For children older than 5-6 years, 3-4 loaves in a day is sufficient.

Keep these things in mind while feeding children

Feed children more colorful vegetables, green vegetables and raw salad than rotis.
Arhar, moong, lentils, urad and gram lentils are rich in protein, so feed lentils to children and drink lentils to very young children.
Children younger than 3 years of age should not give tea, coffee etc. at all.
Feed raw whole fruits to children, such as apple, pomegranate, watermelon, melon, mango, orange, grape, papaya etc.
Apart from this, you can also give nuts to children.
If you follow non-vegetarian diet, feeding eggs and chicken to children is also healthy.
At night, children should be fed 1 glass of milk so that their body needs calcium.

What should a 10 year old Eat for Breakfast?

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