What profession has the most domestic violence?

What profession has the most domestic violence? It is often seen that women commit more atrocities, while in many cases men are also victims of domestic violence and women persecute men. Advertisements such as ‘Wife Sataaye So Tell Us’ were once seen as exaggerating, but over the years, statistics have changed the perception that only women are victims of domestic violence. Now another aspect of the coin has come out, in which men are also facing some kind of physical, mental or economic violence in the home or society.

Men also Victims Domestic Violence
What profession has the most domestic violence?

Growing cases

For the last few days, there has been a continuous increase in such cases, in which men are being subjected to domestic violence and men are concerned about the fact that their complaints are neither being settled nor the society is concerned about them. Is accepting these complaints. Institutions like ‘Save Indian Family Foundation’, an organization working for men who have been victims of domestic violence, have been formed to raise their voice against the atrocities on men.


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Also commit suicide

Being upset by this, many times, men are forced to take steps like suicide in powerlessness. Women have the shield of law, which is being misused openly. This is also being accepted now, but the situation remains the same. The top officers have the information, so they agree, but in small towns, the victims of domestic violence do not find a platform to put their grievances.

No one listens to men

In most of the cases, if one does not listen to the men, the woman is considered everywhere. Society also does not accept that women commit violence with men. Leave aside the false cases of dowry, they have come before everyone. Men are also falling victim to cases of assault and snatching money inside the boundary wall, will anyone accept these things in the society?
Men Are Also Victims in Hindi

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Change of law recommended

During the hearing of a case, the Supreme Court, while understanding the situation of the victims of domestic violence, said that women are misusing the anti-dowry law and the government needs to look at this law once again. This was done in the wake of increasing complaints of misuse of Section 498 [A] . It also directed that FIRs of men should also be lodged.

According to a survey conducted by a foundation, 98% of one lakh men become victims of domestic violence in one way or the other. This included cases of violence during economic, physical, mental and sexual relationships.

What profession has the most domestic violence?

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