What percentage of males get testicular cancer?

What percentage of males get testicular cancer? Testicular cancer is a cancer that occurs in the testicles of men. What is the importance of testis (testicles) for a male, you can understand from this that this testicle is making sex hormones in men and also produces sperm. This means that if there is any problem in the testis, it has an effect on the individual’s sexual life. Scientists have not yet been able to find out the exact reasons why testicular cancer in men. But it has been observed that those men whose testicle size is abnormal, those men are more at risk of testicular cancer.

Testicular Cancer is Common in Men
What percentage of males get testicular cancer?

Signs of testicular cancer in men
20 to 40 years old people are more at risk

According to data released by Johns Hopkins Medicine, the risk of testicular cancer is highest among the youth. Testicular cancer is generally more common in people between the ages of 20 and 40 years. On average, this cancer is detected in a person by the age of 33 years. Looking at the data of the last few decades, it is found that cases of testicular are increasing in men. According to the same report by John Hopkins, 1 in every 270 men will be at risk of testis cancer.

testis cancer signs in men
Testicular cancer can be cured

The best and positive thing is that testicular cancer can be cured and its cure rate is very high. Of all the men in whom testicular cancer is diagnosed every year, 95% of them are completely cured. According to the Mayo Clinic, if testicular cancer has spread beyond the testis, it can still be cured. According to the severity of the disease and the part of the cancer, the doctors decide what treatment to give to the patient.

What are the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer

The two eggs are smaller than each other i.e. the testicles are larger than one side and relatively small on the other side.
Heavy testicles
Pain in the testicles or lower abdomen
Watery testicles
Feeling pain touching the testicle or wearing clothes
Chronic waist and back pain
Menstrual enlargement and mild pain

Testicular cancer usually affects a single egg. But both the testicles of many people also get affected by this disease. If a person feels problem like pain, swelling or lump in the testicle, then he should go to the doctor and get examined. If these symptoms are from 2 weeks or longer, it is very important to contact the doctor without delay.

How can I test for testicular cancer?

You can do the first test of testicular cancer with your own hands. Try touching both your hands with hands and pressing them. If you feel any lumps or any part of the eggs, as well as the symptoms mentioned above, go to the doctor. Doctors identify the disease with ultrasound. Apart from this, testicular cancer can also be detected by examining certain hormones by blood test. This type of cancer is usually treated with drugs and surgery.

What percentage of males get testicular cancer?

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