What might happen to a child if they drink too many fruit juices?

What might happen to a child if they drink too many fruit juices? Beware of packet-packed and flavored fruit juices in the juice enthusiast market. These packaged and flavored fruit juice tasties available in the market may seem like this, but in terms of health, it is very dangerous for your children. This juice found in the market has a high level of sugar and it also does not contain nutrients. Therefore, doctors often suggest you to consume fresh fruit juice at home instead of the juice you get in the market. Let us tell you how packaged and flavored fruit juices affect the health of you and your children.

Packed Juices may Harm your Kids Brain
What might happen to a child if they drink too many fruit juices?

Effect of packet fruit juice

According to Consumer Reports magazine, packaged and flavored fruit juice contains cadmium, organic, arsenic and mercury, or lead, which severely affects children’s health. Most branded juice in the market was also included in this study. In which the metal strings were found more in almost juice. If the child takes half a cup of this juice throughout the day, it can be dangerous for his health.

Tested 45 juices in this study and found that 21 found heavy metal content. This study was surprising to researchers working with consumer reports. Consumer Reports Chief Science Officer James Dickerson said that drinking just 4 ounces a day can be dangerous to health. Researchers say that because children face high levels of metal from foods, rice products and other foods, as well as from water and the environment, if they drink packaged fruit juice, their health is at greater risk. goes.

Packetband and flavored fruit juice affect brain

This is harmful due to the large amount of metal in packet and flavored fruit juice. Junk food and drinks available in the market contain heavy metal. These food and beverages also contain toxins at the time of manufacturing plants or at the time of product packaging. Apart from this, due to heavy metal in packet juice several times, it is harmful for your child. According to Studi, the metal child’s nerves found in packaged juices have a bad effect on the system and are also responsible for damaging the child’s developing brain.

Make healthy juice at home

If you or your child is fond of juice, make juice at home instead of packaged juice. It is very beneficial for you and your child’s health. Homemade juice is non-adulterated and healthy, it does not have a high sugar level and is also rich in nutrients. Therefore, prepare fresh fruit juice at home and drink healthy juice to your children. Remember, organic juice can also be dangerous.


Sugar should never be added while making juice.
Make vegetable juice without sugar too.
Do not add sugar to any fruit or vegetable while making the juice. Vegetables like fruits and carrots naturally contain sugar.
Adding sugar to the juice can lead to weight gain.
Juice is beneficial to drink without filtered fiber.
Do not make cut fruit juice hour before. Whenever you make juice, keep in mind that fruits are always fresh.

What might happen to a child if they drink too many fruit juices?

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