What is the symptoms of congenital heart disease?

What is the symptoms of congenital heart disease? Congenital heart disease is also known as congenital heart disease in medical language. That is, some disorders remain during the development of heart in pregnancy. Such as valve malfunctions that direct blood flow inside the heart. If the valve becomes narrower, the stenosis spreads and the valve is called leakage. Aortic stenosis, mitral stenosis, or mitral valve prolapse are prominent in congenital heart disorders. In simple language, the imperfection of the inner wall of the Haday dividing the heart into two parts is called the hole of the heart. Disorders and problems can occur in children, such as ventricular septal defect, atrial septal defect, and unwanted connections between the veins from the heart (patent ductus arteriosus). Less developed part of the heart. Children may also suffer from problems such as incomplete development of the left side main chamber (hypoplastic left heart syndrome). At the same time, the main arteries originating from the heart are inaccurate or inverted, which in medical language is called Transposition of Great Arteries. Similarly, it is also possible to have several disorders inside the heart (tetralogy of failure).

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What is the symptoms of congenital heart disease?

Ecodoppler Detection

Ecodoppler is a kind of heart ultrasound. EchoDoppler easily detects heart disorders. Experienced doctors get information about these disorders from their own niche. Their treatment is surgery only.

Rheumatic heart disease

The throat is infected with a bacterium called streptococcal. If this infection is not treated in time, rheumatic heart disease occurs. It also affects the heart muscle. After a long time, the mitral valve of the heart shrinks. This condition can be serious. Doctors give aspirin to such children when needed.

Viral myocarditis

Viral infections in the heart can also occur with viral infections of the respiratory tract. The heart muscle becomes inflamed and the power of its pulsation decreases. In most patients, it is cured on its own, but sometimes the victim’s child has to install a pacemaker.

Heart rate constraints

At every age, there is a fixed heart rate, which varies with age. This speed increases as the child or adult moves and slows down during rest. Some children have heart rate defects from birth or after some time. Heart rate defects affect the heart’s ability to pump blood. The country has made great progress in treating heart diseases caused by adults, but there are not enough facilities for children yet. Given the number of children suffering from heart disease, there should be a children’s heart hospital at every district level or in a hospital affiliated to every medical college.

Pay attention to these things

About 8 in 1000 babies are born with congenital heart disease. If the child’s body does not recover bluishness immediately after birth, there is a possibility of a disorder called tetralogy of felot or transposition of great arteries. If the breath remains fast, the risk of hypoplastic left heart syndrome and other heart disorders is highest. In most children with heart disorders, these disorders do not show their effect immediately after birth, when some are older, they are identified during illnesses or under normal examination.

What is the symptoms of congenital heart disease?

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