What is the survival rate of childhood cancer?

What is the survival rate of childhood cancer? Cancer in children is slightly different from adults. Among them, cancer is also treated differently. Cells grow out of control when children get cancer, their size is not normal. In addition, they also damage the surrounding cells, causing the possibility of cancer spreading to other organs. As the cancer cells start growing in children, the consumption of neutrin in the body also starts increasing. The child’s physical strength starts to decrease due to cancer. Symptoms of cancer in children include fever, gland inflammation and anemia. To avoid these symptoms, know what are the reasons behind them.

Lifestyle is responsible

Those who do not have the right lifestyle, have a higher risk of cancer. Smoking, high calorie food and working with toxic chemicals can increase the risk of cancer in adults. Similarly, if the lifestyle of the children is not taken care of, then they also become the victim of cancer. It is seen that nowadays children in their desire to grow up before their age start smoking, consuming alcohol, due to which their lifestyle deteriorates, which results in cancer.

Genetic cause

Family history, hereditary and genetic reasons may show signs of cancer in children. Sometimes, the external factors are not responsible for the cancer in children, and there are internal causes. Everyone inherits jeans from their parents. If you get some unusual jeans (called mutations) from parents, it increases the risk of cancer by ten percent.

Buffering Capacity

People who have low immunity can soon fall prey to any disease, including cancer. Our body’s immunity protects us from diseases and infections. Our bone marrow forms cells that later mature and become part of the immune system. Children who have low immunity are more likely to spread cancer cells.

Environmental risk

Environmental risks such as pesticides, fertilizers, and power lines have a direct relationship with cancer in children. If a pregnant woman or newborn baby comes in contact with those chemicals, it can cause cancer risk in children.

Chemotherapy and radiation

In children with high levels of chemotherapy and radiation, there may be a possibility of cancer. In some cases, if children come in contact with them, then there may be a risk of tumors in them. These techniques used in the treatment of cancer are very powerful which affect the cells and immunity.

What is the survival rate of childhood cancer?

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