What is the mildest form of autism?

What is the mildest form of autism? Autism is a disorder in which the child’s art of talking and understanding is affected. Doctors describe autism as a disorder in which the child cannot understand aspects of life like normal children. Such children are not only unable to express their feelings but they also do not understand the words of others properly. For these reasons, they lag behind other children in studies and parents compare their children to others and make them feel different. Creating problems like autism in children is not new. There are many children who are struggling with this problem, but there is no one to listen to them. Parents often do not recognize their children with this problem. If your child also hesitates while talking to you and is unable to share with you, then we are telling you how to overcome this problem. This method will instill confidence in your children and will give them courage to share their problems.

What is the mildest form of autism?

In this way, awaken confidence in your children and overcome the problem of autism

Autistic children have certain symptoms, such as doing the same type of work consistently or rejecting any change in everyday work. They face both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Such children do not speak at all and react only to loud sounds. Some autistic children do not even understand the signs.

Many autistic children speak a little but they cannot read like normal children. As such they can speak in some specific areas, but not in all.

The memory of some autistic children is very good if they have heard any information or seen an incident, then they remember it for a long time. Some have very great musical talent and some are very quick to do mathematical calculations. Statistics have shown that about 10 percent of children with autism have poor memory and do not have much ability to understand mathematics.

Most physicians who care for autistic children recommend that speech therapy should be done as soon as possible for autistic children. With this, children gradually become able to understand other people and talk.

Nowadays, speech language pathologists or speech therapists who specialize in language-related problems treat autism. Speech language therapy also usually involves the support of family, school and teachers in all stages of therapy. The use of many tools such as electronic talkers, picture boards and words makes such children easy to understand.

Speech therapy not only develops the child’s language skills, but also allows children to establish connections with those around them, as autistic children have a problem doing. Most physicians recommend that speech therapy should be started in autistic children as soon as possible.

Autism is usually diagnosed before the age of 3. Most autistic children are unable to speak, but from the early days of therapy they react to some of the questions posed to them. Researches have shown that autistic people who have found improvement have been taking speech therapy for a long time.

What is the mildest form of autism?

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