What is the cost of contraceptive injection?

What is the cost of contraceptive injection? India and China are among the countries in the world where the population is continuously increasing. Unusual growth in population is becoming a major concern for these countries. Meanwhile, a big news has come that the world’s first male contraceptive injection has been prepared. The special thing is that these injections have been clinically proven in India and may be available in the markets within the next six months. This is big news for India in terms of population. Some polymers will be released when this contraceptive injection is administered to men, which will block the sperm (sperm) and prevent the testicles (testicles) from coming out during fertilization. At the same time, scientists also believe that once this injection is done, this method of birth control will be effective for 13 years. Let us tell you other things related to it.

Worlds First Male Contraceptive Injection Trailed in India
What is the cost of contraceptive injection?

ICMR scientists have prepared injection

Whether it is birth control pills, a contraceptive ring, an IUD or an emergency contraceptive pill, every time it comes to contraception, the responsibility falls on women. In such a situation, now men will also be able to play equal responsibility in contraception. These injections, prepared by scientists of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), will now help in increasing contraception in men. This mail contraceptive injection was clinical trial in 3 rounds, which was completely successful. Scientists claim that under clinical trial it was trialled on 300 patients, it was successful in all of them.

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Clinical trial showed no side effects-

Under the clinical trial, none of the people who were given these injections showed any side effects. According to many reports, scientists claim that once injected, this injection will be effective for 13 years. At the same time, this trial has a success rate of 97%. This injection will be directly applied in the groin of men, which is called the part of the abdomen and thigh. In this way, it will continue to work smoothly during fertilization.
Waiting for approval from Indian Regulatory Body –

Currently, this injection is awaiting approval from the Indian Regulatory Body, which may take about 6 to 7 months. Once this process is complete, it will also be available in Indian markets. After this, this birth control injection in India will also prove to be a better option for sterilization. At the same time, Dr. RS Sharma, Senior Scientist of ICMR, said that ‘our product is ready and approval from the government is awaited. The good thing is that 303 patients were included in the Phase 3 clinical trial, whose success rate is 97.3 percent and there were no side effects. In this way we can bring it to India as well. ‘

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Birth control pills for men

At the same time, work is on for birth control pills for men. However this work may take about 10 years to complete. The contraceptive pill, called 11-beta-MNTDC, is a modified testosterone, which combines the functions of a male hormone and progesterone. Like the female contraceptive pill, 11-beta-MNTDC is taken once a day to reduce the chance of conception. This pill has been tested both by humans and mice, and has been successful when fully tested. Although the female partner was usually responsible for taking contraceptive measures, this will not happen now. With the introduction of such injections and contraceptive claims, it will be easier for men too. Previously there was a lack of male options other than condoms in the market but now things are slowly changing. According to a survey, one-third of men will be ready to take a contraceptive pill. This is also because women are at risk of many other health problems by taking birth control pills. Lack of periods and severe illnesses like depression are also increasing due to contraceptive pills and remedies.

What is the cost of contraceptive injection?

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