What is the best treatment for avoidant personality disorder?

What is the best treatment for avoidant personality disorder? If your child spends too much time in his bedroom and study and runs away from meeting people, he may have an ‘avoidance personality disorder’. Due to this disorder, children constantly avoid making relatives, neighbors and more friends. People often considered such children to be shy and thought that such children do not like to talk much. But it should not happen that you keep thinking about your child and ‘Avoidant Personality Disorder’ keeps increasing. Four general population studies conducted in the late 1980s and early 1990s used specific assessment instruments for personality disorder and only about 5 percent of people had some symptoms of personality disorder. But now such personality disorder has reached 13.5 percent in India. Now it is important that we always look at the nature of our children and keep paying attention. On this subject, Only My Health spoke to Dr. Prakhar Singh, who is a psychiatric doctor.

How Avoidant Personality disorder affects your Children
What is the best treatment for avoidant personality disorder?

How Common is Avoidant Personality Disorder?

It is estimated that about 2.5 percent of people in India have an avoidable personality disorder. It affects men and women alike, but now it is spreading rapidly among children. It usually starts in childhood, which increases as you get older. This disease is now taking serious form in children below the age of 18 years. According to Dr. Prakhar Singh, the exact cause of this disorder is not yet known. However, it is believed that all these factors can affect genetics, environment and how they have survived.

What are the preventable personality disorder symptoms?

For people with this disorder, the fear of rejection is so strong that they choose isolation rather than rejection of risk in the relationship. The pattern of behavior may vary among people with this disorder. In addition to their fear of humiliation and rejection, other common symptoms of people with this disorder include the following:

Being single from childhood or paying less attention to parents also makes children a victim of this disorder.
They are easily hurt by criticism or rejection.
Staying apart from close friends and few family members.
Fear of new people and relatives.
Experiencing extreme anxiety (nervousness) in meeting people and fear in social settings.
Being shy, awkward and self-aware in social situations.
Being afraid to innovate or take a chance

What is the Treatment of APD?

For the treatment of APD, you can choose the following methods of treatment:

Psychotherapy: Cognitive behavioral therapy is a treatment option for APD, in which doctors consider how to change one’s thinking pattern and thought process, thus affecting a child’s actions and thinking.
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Psychodynamic therapy involves exposing your unconscious thoughts. It helps you find out how your past experiences determine your behavior. Your past emotional pains can be solved with this technique so that you can move your life forward. In this, help of parents, siblings, friends and other family members is taken.
Medications: Anti-depressant medications used to treat depression and anxiety can be used to treat APD.

What is the best treatment for avoidant personality disorder?

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