What is overweight for a 6 year old?

What is overweight for a 6 year old? If the weight and height of the children are according to their age, then it means, your child is healthy and his diet is good. Your child is getting nutritious food. In order to increase the height and weight of children, it is very important to consume nutritious food. If your child’s diet is not good or if the child consumes more fast food and junk food then it will affect the weight and height of your child. Sanchita Guha, a dietician at Bistupur’s Hospital, Jamshedpur, will know how effective the nutrient is in increasing the height and weight of children and at what age the height and weight should be. Read this article to know.

What is overweight for a 6 year old?

It is necessary to measure the weight and height of children in between
Dieticians tell that it is the responsibility of the parents to check the weight and height of the children in between. It should be started from home itself. You can measure the height of children at home. It is a normal process for children to gain age and weight as they grow. If the height of the children does not increase according to their age, then understand that there is a shortage somewhere. For this you should seek medical advice.

Child Height

What should be the height and weight according to age
age average weight average height

one year 9.2 kg 29.2 inches

2 years 12 kg 33.5 inches

3 years 14.2 kg 37 inches

Four years 15.4 kg 39.5 inches

5 years 17.9 kg 42.5 inches

6 years 19.9 kg 45.5 inches

7 years 22.4 kg 47.7 inches

8 years 25.8 kg 50.5 inches

9 years 28.1 kg 52.5 inches

10 years 31.9 kg 54.5 inches

11 years 36.9 kg 56. 7 inches

12 years 41.5 kg 59.0 inches

13 years 45.8 kg 61.7 inches

14 years 47.6 kg 62.5 inches

15 years 53.5 kg 64.0 inches

Height remains short due to lack of nutrients to the body
Dieticians tell that for the increase of weight and height according to age, it is most important for children’s diet chart. Without a good diet, children cannot grow. According to experts, the height and weight of children depends on their food. If children are given mineral, protein, vitamin, fiber-rich nutrients in the form of food in the beginning, then along with physical development, children will have mental development. Nowadays children want to eat more junk food and fast food, eating all these things affects the health of children. With this, according to age, his weight is more and sometimes less. Due to lack of essential nutrients, the height of children also remains low. Let us tell you what to include in the diet plan of children for the right weight and height according to age.

give milk regularly
Experts tell that it is very important for the bones of children to be strong, because in childhood they fall a lot in sports. If the bones remain weak, they will break again and again, so a sufficient amount of calcium is needed to strengthen the bones. Children get calcium from milk. Therefore, sufficient quantity of milk should be given to the children. This increases the height according to the age of the children.

Give fruits in food, it helps in body growth
Experts say that children should be given fruits from the beginning in the food. Include fruits in children’s diet chart as snacks. Offer breakfast and fruits in the evening. Along with this, fruit juice can be given to drink in the evening. Fruits contain vitamins, proteins, magnesium, calcium. Which helps a lot in body growth. Eating fruits increases the length of the body.

Add to Chicken and Meat Diet Chart
Experts suggest that at least three chicken and meat should be included in the diet plan of children above two years of age. Meat contains a lot of protein. Which gives energy to the body as well as helps in fighting many diseases. Eating it increases the height of children.

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Make it a habit to eat green vegetables
Experts say that green vegetables play a very important role for the physical growth of the child. Due to this, the body gets sufficient amount of nutrients. Vegetables should be eaten daily. Children take a lot of tantrums in eating vegetables. Therefore, children should inculcate the habit of vegetables from a young age. Due to this the weight of the child increases as well as the length remains more.

Include lentils in daily diet
Experts say that lentils contain many types of proteins and vitamins. Which is necessary for the physical development of the children as well as for the mental development. The habit of feeding pulses should be inculcated in children from the very beginning. With this, the height of the children also increases along with the weight. After six months, children should be given lentil soup or lentil water. It is very beneficial. Two-year-olds can be given dal khichdi. Give lentils with rice for lunch to children above three years of age.

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Fruits For Children

There is a lot of protein in the egg, there is mental development
Experts say that eggs contain a lot of protein. Along with body growth, it also helps in mental development. If we give two eggs to children in breakfast for six consecutive months, then the height of the children increases, this research has claimed. Children who are very underweight should eat at least four eggs daily.

Doctor or dietician’s advice is necessary
The information given in the article is for consultation only. If you want to include the above mentioned things in the diet of children to keep the height and weight normal according to the age of your children, then consult a doctor or dietician. Include these things in the diet only after taking advice.

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