What is obese for a child?

What is obese for a child? Obesity in children causes many diseases for them. According to Dr. Richard Seidman, Pediatrician and Chief Medical Officer of LA Health Care, children in obesity have to face serious diseases like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Whereas such diseases appear only in old age. Such children also increase the risk of breathing and joint problems.

According to Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Science professor and study co-author Kai Ling Kang and her team, women who smoke cigarettes, consume alcohol or take drugs during pregnancy are not the right nutrition for women Due to which the child is at increased risk of obesity. Due to which the children also have to face diseases with increasing age.

these things reduce your child obesity
What is obese for a child?

The study found that 40 percent of children were obese at the age of seven. The children of women who are more emotional also face such danger. Weight gain increases more rapidly in those children.

Researchers have discovered a way that will work to reduce the risk of children’s obesity. This will also teach the child’s family members how to prevent obesity in their child.

According to Lucy Smith, psychologist at Helen Devouse Children’s Hospital, parents should give their children’s drinks a good look. Also check the quantity of nutrients in the drinks or not. The most important are Apple Juice and Orange Juice which contain a lot of sugar. Try to give them maximum amount of water and milk.

Pay attention to children’s food

It is very important for parents to pay attention to the food and drink of children. Parents should check their child’s food to see what they are eating. Whether it is beneficial for him or not. Or that what he is eating will not increase his weight. Take the information about the type of lunches that the family likes for the lunches that the parents take to school for their child. Give the child a lunch of his choice, which is healthy for him and work to give more nutrients. Along with this, the morning breakfast should also be healthy for him and his choice.

Try to feed baby vegetables and fruits

Try to feed the children green vegetables and fruits. Attract the child to vegetables and fruits. So that she thinks about eating them. Do not try to feed once or twice. Try to get the child to get used to green vegetables and fruits.

Do not let the child eat fast food

All children like fast food. All children demand from their families for fast food. But it is also necessary for family members to ban their children. Fast foods are neither beneficial for health nor do they provide nutrients. It is better than fast food to give food made at home to the child. Assure the child that better than this you are preparing food for him at home.

Inspire to Play

Motivate your children to play parents and do physical activity. Explain the benefits of sports and physical activity. Prevent children from playing indoor games. So that he can go out of the house and do physical activity. Along with this, you should also inform your children about how their children are active. Parents should also participate in physical activity with their children and motivate them to take action.

Ask the children to leave the house for physical activity for about an hour a day. With these activities, your children will be able to develop well.

According to the researchers, if you try to get physical activity with your child before one year, then it reduces your child’s risk of obesity to a great extent. Along with this, the diet of the child should be very good and the physical activity which maintains the weight of your child also.

What is obese for a child?

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