What is kangaroo care in the NICU?

What is kangaroo care in the NICU? Staying healthy after the birth of the baby is very important. If they are not taken care of after birth, they can get many types of diseases. Pre-mature delivery is common in today’s world. In such a situation, the baby with premature delivery is neither able to consume mother’s milk properly nor is it able to remain healthy like normal children. Not only this, this problem has also been seen in many mothers that their milk is not produced even after delivery. The production of mother’s milk is also natural. It is the gift of nature that after the birth of the child, milk comes in the breast of the mother. This is the reason why elders say… any baby brings its luck and its food. But there are many women who do not make milk even after delivery. Whereas after the birth of the baby, the baby should be fed only the mother’s thick yellow milk. This benefits a lot for both the baby and the mother. The treatment of all these problems is possible through Kangaroo Mother Care.

Kangaroo care benefits for child and mother factsKangaroo care benefits for child and mother facts
What is kangaroo care in the NICU?

Kangaroo Mother Care

What is Kangaroo Mother Care?
Child Specialist Dr. Mrityunjay Kumar says that nowadays Kangaroo Mother Care treatment has become quite common even in this small city. At the same time, it is a natural remedy to get rid of many types of problems. As its name, ‘Kangaroo Mother Care’, in this, the way a kangaroo female holds her baby by the breast, takes care of it with feeding it, in the same way, after pregnancy, women are advised to take care of the baby. She goes. This is done to save the life of the baby. In this procedure, it is advised to keep the baby close to the mother’s chest. So that skin to skin contact is maintained between mother and baby. Pre-mature delivery is common in today’s time. Many babies are born prematurely. Such babies are more vulnerable than normal babies, have less weight. They require more care. This is the reason why doctors treat the baby better with the help of this technique. Experts give tips on how to do it and why. It should not be done without his suggestion.

What are the benefits of Kangaroo Mother Care?

  1. Skin to skin contact has many benefits
    Child specialist explains that in case of pre-mature baby, we recommend Kangaroo Mother Care to mothers. Due to this skin to skin contact, not only does the mother come emotionally closer to the baby, but at a young age, the baby becomes deeply attached to the mother.
  2. Warmth is received from the mother’s body
    The baby receives warmth from the mother’s body. Doctors say that many babies are most at risk of developing pneumonia after birth. The chances of getting this disease are very high during the winter time. Therefore, along with advising the baby to sit in the sun at that time, he recommends trying kangaroo mother care tips. By doing this, the baby gets warmth due to the skin-to-skin contact with the mother’s body. Prevents many diseases including cold, pneumonia.

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  1. Can breast feed for a long time
    In Kangaroo Mother Care, the baby is attached to the mother’s chest. In such a situation, he soon learns the habit of drinking milk. Doctors tell that when the baby feels hungry due to being close to the mother’s breasts, then whenever the mind wants to drink milk from the mother’s breasts. In this process, the bonding of the baby and the mother becomes so strong that both of them understand each other’s needs very well. Drinking more or more breast milk gives strength to the baby’s body. Due to which not only does he get over the problems of pre-mature delivery, but gradually his weight comes under control, many types of diseases are prevented and the child remains happy and healthy.
  1. Benefit also reaches the mother
    Kangaroo mother care benefits not only the baby but also the mothers. Child specialist Dr. Mrityunjay explains that after the birth of the child, mothers become physically weak. In such a situation, when the baby is put on the chest, they feel very pleasant, which only a mother can feel. It is said that when a person is happy, even great pain is not known. The same is true in this case as well. By keeping the baby close to the chest, mothers also get well soon.
  2. Mother’s milk is also made more
    It has been seen that even after giving birth to the baby, many mothers do not produce milk. Experts say that we recommend Kangaroo Mother Care to such women. It has also been effective naturally. Keeping the baby close to the chest gives them a lot of relief. Due to this, due to many hormonal changes, milk comes in the breasts of the mother, after which she is able to feed her milk to the baby.

Baby Care

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This is how kangaroo care is done
Experts say that for kangaroo care, mothers are dressed in hospital dress, if they are at home then it is advisable to wear a front-opening shirt or nightie. At the same time, they are not asked to wear a bra, after this the baby is put on a cap and nappy, placed on one side of the head and placed in the center of the mother’s chest. Once skin-to-skin contact is made, the baby is asked to cover the back. By doing this the baby is given warmth. During this time, the mother along with the baby is advised to rest, relax and breathe.

Seek medical advice for kangaroo care
If you also want to adopt kangaroo care with your baby, it is important to get medical advice first. By trying this method immediately after the birth of the baby, both the mother and the child remain healthy.

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