What is Hemophilia know its Symptoms Causes and Prevention

What is Hemophilia know its Symptoms Causes and Prevention: Hemophilia is a disease that affects the ability of blood to form. Haemophilia is a genetic disease. It is a very rare genetic disease. It is a blood disorder disease in which the blood does not clot properly. If there is an injury on the body of a person suffering from this disease, the bleeding does not stop. This happens due to lack of blood clotting factors in the body. Blood clotting factors are a type of protein. Its symptoms depend on the amount of clotting factors in the blood. There are about 2 lakh such cases in India. There are fewer patients of this disease in India. Injuries to hemophilia patients can prove dangerous. This disease is inherited. According to one statistic, 1 in every 5,000 males is a victim of this problem.


Men suffer from this disease much more than women. The risk of this disease to women is negligible. It is a genetic problem caused by women to men.

Symptoms of Hemophilia

Nose bleeding
Bleeding gums and teeth
Easy skin peeling
Internal bleeding in the body.
Joint pain
Severe headache
stiff neck
Vomiting complaint

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The following problems occur due to sudden bleeding

Blood in stool
Dark blue wounds
Body blue without getting hurt
Feeling irritable.
Causes of hemophilia

Causes of hemophilia

When blood starts flowing from the body, then the blood cells accumulate and form a blood clot. Blood clotting stops due to formation of blood clot. The process of blood clotting starts because of the blood clotting factor. When there is a deficiency of this factor in the body, it can cause hemophilia. There are many types of hemophilia. Most hemophilia occurs from parents to children. However, about 30% of such haemophilia cases have been seen, which do not cause haemophilia in the family of the suffering patient. There are some such changes in the genes of such people, which is impossible to think about.
These tips should be adopted by hemophilia patients

Haemophilia patients should always be active. Adequate physical activity keeps the body weight, muscles and bones strong. However, such patients should avoid more physical activity. Because it increases the risk of bleeding.
Avoid taking medicines that thicken blood.
Clean the gums and teeth thoroughly. Visit the dentist twice a year.
Be sure to wear a seat belt before driving.
Avoid injury-causing activity.

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Treatment of hemophilia

Scientists have prepared an injection to treat hemophilia. With this injection, the deficiency of those components of the body is removed, which causes hemophilia. Therefore, this success of scientists has made the treatment of hemophilia easy. If the patient is not in a more serious condition, he is treated with medication.

What do you say doctor

Physician doctor Ajay Agarwal says that it is very important to take care of your diet and physical activities. Such patients should never do such activity, which is prone to injury. Because once bleeding starts, it can be quite difficult to stop it. In such a situation, it is the safest cure for it and its focus.

What is Hemophilia know its Symptoms Causes and Prevention

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