Young children, who are between three and five years of age, often complain of foot pain from their parents. Those parents can understand this thing well, whose children cry at bedtime due to pain in the legs or suddenly sit up at night. Actually, this pain is not due to tiredness and running due to them running throughout the day, but there are some other reasons behind it. Actually this pain is called Growing Pain. These muscle spasms, pain in the legs and arms can be a symptom of their increase. So let’s know what is this and its causes and symptoms.


What is Growing Pain in Children?

Growing pain is a muscle pain that some preschoolers and preteens children feel in their feet. This pain usually occurs in the afternoon or evening. But this can make your child wake up in the middle of the night. These pains usually begin in childhood, around the age of 3 or 4, and then when they are between 8–12 years of age, they can still recur.

What Causes of Growing Pains?

Named after the growing pen, there is no evidence that this condition is associated with the development of a child. In fact, many researches have been done about this, which showed that it is associated with the symptoms of growing children. Pediatricians are of the opinion that pain occurs due to bone growth. Also, there is a possibility that children also experience this pain due to excessive use of their muscles due to continuous play, running, jumping and other activities.

Growing Pains Symptoms?

Every child experiences this pain growing differently. While some people go through extreme pain, others experience it in a mild form. In fact, some children do not even have this every day.

– These pains usually occur in the area of ​​the thighs, the front of the axes and the back of the knees.
– These pain usually does not affect the knee joint but sometimes pain can occur.
-However, if you notice any abnormality in this joint, such as redness or swelling or always pain then it can be a sign of arthritis.
– Some children may also experience increasing pain in both legs as well as their arms.
– Headache and abdominal pain can also be serious signs of increased pain in some cases.

So the question arises whether parents should be worried about it? So the answer is yes and no. Generally, it is a harmless condition that resolves on its own in children. But the symptoms of increased pain can be caused by several serious underlying health conditions such as arthritis, leg syndrome, discomfort in the movement of joints, vitamin D deficiency and even bone cancer. Therefore, if the child is continuously complaining about this, then at least show him to the doctor.

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