What is chronic lung disease in premature babies?

What is chronic lung disease in premature babies? Infection and pollution also affect the lungs. Many people around the world suffer from different types of lung diseases. Asthma and CPPD diseases are prominent among them. India also has a large number of lung disease patients. It is a matter of concern that children suffer from this disease at an early age. Cases of long-term lung disease have increased rapidly in infants. In this article, we are telling you in detail about long term lung diseases in infants.

The World Health Organization is also very concerned about this disease. According to WHO report, due to the polluted environment in India, a large number of people here suffer from lung related and COPD (respiratory tract related diseases).

What is Chronic Lung Disease in Infants
What is chronic lung disease in premature babies?

There is a possibility of increasing its patients in future. Experts believe that if strict steps are not taken to prevent this disease, it will become a dangerous disease in the coming years. This problem is also increasing rapidly in India. About one in every 20 children born every day suffers from this disease.

What is Chronic Lung Disease in Infants

Trouble breathing due to damaged tissues in the newborn’s lungs and other related health problems are called chronic lung diseases. In this case the lungs block the air and get damaged. In this case, the fluid gets filled up and mucus is formed in a large amount.

In many children, lung problems start from the beginning. However, most children with chronic lung disease survive. But its symptoms may return and children may need treatment. Chronic lung diseases are also known as bronchopulmonary dysplasia, or BPD.

Chronic lung disease causes problems in the child’s lungs. This problem is common in premature births. Babies who are born in the 26th week of pregnancy and weigh less than 1 kg (2.2 lb). The lungs of premature babies do not develop fully. Such children may have chronic lung problems as follows.

Lung injury using ventilator

Many premature babies (premature babies) require this treatment, especially when they have respiratory distress syndrome (respiratory distress syndrome). But the ventilator used to breathe and create high oxygen levels can damage a child’s lungs.

Lung fluids

Premature babies may have this problem with or after birth. Sometimes fluid is filled in the lungs of children born with the help of surgery throughout the period.


The risk of lung infection of children born prematurely increases. This is often the case with Respiratory Scientivirus (RSV).

Symptoms of chronic lung disease

Symptoms may show up to three days after birth in children with chronic lung disease. The first symptom of this is difficulty in breathing. Apart from this, the symptoms of long term lung disease in infants can also be of the following type.

Growling or breathing fast.

Nose redness.

Using the neck, chest, and abdominal muscles to breathe. It is as if the child is breathing between or under the ribs.

Breathing out loud, or making a strangely sharp sound in breathing.

Tiring quickly while eating and drinking.

Spots or pimples, especially on the lips, tongue and nails.

Children should not delay any type of chronic lung disease and should see a doctor immediately. Any delay in this disease can prove fatal for the child.

What is chronic lung disease in premature babies?

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