What is a complete physical for a man?

What is a complete physical for a man? Avoidance is always better than cure. We all know this thing very well, but how many of us are those who follow these things? As the age of a person increases, a lot of health related problems start to appear in his body.

The best way to avoid this is to have a medical screening and physical examination of your entire body at least once a year. An annual examination of the body does not only mean that diseases can be identified and treated, but whether all the organs of the body are functioning properly or not.

Routine annual check-ups are also called preventive care and help in symptomatic therapy. After any malfunction inside the body, the body gives a lot of signals which are easy to identify and diagnose on time. However, there are some tests that should be done after the age of 50.

Tests for Men Over Fifty
What is a complete physical for a man?

Tests For Men
Blood cholesterol test

A simple test and preventive measure assesses the condition of any type of heart disease you may have. This test shows the level of cholesterol and teryglycyride in the blood. Due to abnormal levels of cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood, the risk of heart attack and other types of heart disease increases many times.

Presently, after 30 years in a life filled with stress and disaster, the risk of heart attack in a person is becoming normal. Therefore, blood cholesterol should be checked at least once a year after 30 years. This test becomes even more important, especially for those who smoke, who have diabetes or who have already had heart disease or have had a heart attack.

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Intestinal and school examination

After crossing the age limit of fifty, a person should check his bowels and stool once a year. This is the best way to prevent prostate or collen cancer. By this examination, prolapse (coming out) in rectal and any type of bleeding inside the intestine is easily detected. In the family history of any person, if someone has had cancer of the colon and prostate, then there is an increased risk of losing this disease.

Check the teeth

People who smoke People who consume tobacco and are negligent to the hygiene of teeth, there is a higher risk of oral cancer and ulcers in people. Many studies and research have shown the relationship between heart diseases and dental diseases and have been warned against the risk of getting heart diseases if dental disease occurs. By getting teeth checked every six months, not only do you get rid of many diseases caused by teeth, but it also helps in keeping your heart healthy.

Depression screening

It is important to recover both physically and mentally to keep good overall health. Stress is a mental state that increases with age. A person suffers from stress due to his nature which has an adverse effect on his mind and brain. This happens because the person gets reserved in himself as he gets older and tries to avoid revealing his feelings and emotions.

If you continue to feel helpless and neglected for a long time without any particular reason, then there is a strong possibility of frustration and tension in you. If such a situation arises, consult your doctor or a psychologist immediately.

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Eye examination

With age, it is necessary to have regular eye checkups to prevent common eye problems and prevent them from growing in future. Timely treatment of eye diseases related to glaucoma and growing age can be prevented. Examination of the eyes also helps in timely detection of diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.

PSA check

This is called the prostate specific NT test. With age, the chances of getting cancer of prostate gland in men increases. Many patients can be saved by timely detection and treatment of the disease through PSA examination.

What is a complete physical for a man?

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