What helps back pain naturally?

What helps back pain naturally? Lower back pain can be very painful. People home-remedies-to-get-rid-of-lower-back-painthink that this pain occurs only in old age but it is not so. A person can be a victim of this pain at any age. Explain that this pain can be due to calcium deficiency, muscle strain, swelling in the uterus, vitamin deficiency. If the pain is detected in the beginning, do not be reckless. In the beginning, this pain can be overcome with home remedies. Today’s article is on those remedies. Today we will tell you through this article that what are the home remedies for lower back pain? Also, learn how to use them. Read on…

Home remedies to get rid of lower back pain
What helps back pain naturally?

1 – Use of basil

Tulsi can be of great help to you in removing the pain of the lower back. In this case, boil basil leaves in water and when the juice of the leaves is completely mixed in the water. Then take off the gas and cool the mixture. After cooling, add salt to it and consume it. By doing this the lower back pain will go away.

2 – Use of garlic

Pain can also be relieved through garlic. In such a situation, garlic buds can be consumed on an empty stomach. Apart from this, this pain can also be removed with garlic oil. Now the question is how to make garlic oil?

First put mustard oil or coconut oil on the gas.
Now put some garlic cloves in it.
Let the oil cook till the garlic cloves turn black.
Now keep the mixture to cool down.
After cooling, apply on the affected area. You will get rest.

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3 – Use of ginger

This pain can be relieved through ginger. Applying a paste made from ginger on the affected area provides relief. Apart from this, ginger paste has more effect than eucalyptus oil. If we talk about other remedies, then add ginger pieces till the water boils and when the ginger juice dissolves in that water, filter it and cool it. Now add honey to that water and consume it.

4 – Use of rock salt

Pain in the lower part of the peat can be relieved by the use of rock salt.
First of all add a few drops of water to rock salt and make a thick paste.
Apply the paste on the affected area.
Doing this will give relief from pain.

5 – Use of milk

Calcium is found in abundance in milk. In this case, the consumption of milk strengthens the muscles and strengthens the bones. Sometimes lower back pain is caused by calcium deficiency. In this case, drink milk regularly. Instead of sugar in milk, mix honey and consume it. There will be relief in pain.

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6 – Ice Cream

Applying ice on the affected area is a better option. But applying direct ice can also be harmful. Doing so may increase the pain. In this case, to remove the swelling, wrap the ice in a cloth and keep it on the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat this process every 1 hour. There will be relief from pain.

Note – The points mentioned above show that some home remedies can be of great help to you in relieving lower back pain. But if your pain is increasing, then it may be a symptom of some serious disease. In this case, contact the doctor immediately.

What helps back pain naturally?






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