What happens when you take a cold shower for 30 days?

What happens when you take a cold shower for 30 days? There is always confusion among people about what the water should be like for bathing. The benefits of both cold and hot water have been described in Ayurveda. Benefits of bathing with cold water Bathing with cold water in the morning removes laziness. This activates the beta endorphin chemical in the body which is helpful in reducing stress. According to research, bathing with cold water helps in release of testosterone hormone which improves reproductive health of men. It improves the functioning of the lungs and activates the body’s immune system and lymph glands. This reduces the risk of infection.

Take a bath with cold water is beneficial for men
What happens when you take a cold shower for 30 days?

Benefits of a warm bath
Warmer temperatures kill germs more quickly. In this way, bathing with lukewarm water clears the body. Researches have shown that lukewarm water improves muscle flexibility and relieves pain. According to Ayurveda, how should the water be hot or cold for bathing? Ayurveda explains some factors for its selection.

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1- Most of the young and elderly should take a bath with lukewarm water. But if you are a student, it is better to take a bath with cold water. This keeps the body active.

2- If you are suffering from diseases related to bile, like indigestion or liver disorders, then taking a bath with cold water is good. If you are suffering from epilepsy and Kapha or Vata related diseases, then you should take bath with lukewarm water.

3- If taking a bath in the morning then take a bath with cold water and lukewarm water at night to feel relax. First of all, where to put water, hasty bathing does not provide its benefits, as well as cleanliness is not possible. In this situation, take a bath slowly so that every part of the body can be cleaned. Start bathing by washing hands and feet.

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Taking a bath with cold water…
If taking a bath with cold water, start it from head to foot only. If you are taking a bath with lukewarm water, then start bathing by putting water on your feet. Avoid bathing with soap containing chemical. Mustard oil massage before bathing is beneficial for the body. This relaxes the muscles. Put neem leaves in the bath water and leave it for some time. Bath also helps in getting rid of infections and skin diseases. Bathing should be avoided for a long time.

What happens when you take a cold shower for 30 days?

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