What happens if a child has too much sugar?

What happens if a child has too much sugar? Most children like to eat sweet things. Toffees, chocolates, cakes, pastries, juices, cookies, jelly, chewing gum and so many other things, which almost all young children eat passionately, but at times are insistent and angry for them. But you also know that eating too much sweet is not good for anyone’s health and is even more dangerous for children. By eating more sweet things, not only is there a risk of teeth worsening in children, but there is also a risk of increasing blood sugar, obesity and many other serious diseases. Therefore, you can adopt some remedies to get rid of the sweetness of children.

Easy home tips to reduce sugar in your childs diet
What happens if a child has too much sugar?

Make sweet dishes at home

Very sweet sugar is used in all sweet things found in the market. Instead of feeding baby cookies, pastries, cakes, candies, etc., make sweet things at home. At home, instead of fine flour, you can make flour cookies, make cakes with dry fruits and nuts, make pudding, sweet pudis, porridge etc. Just keep in mind that even when preparing at home, reduce the use of white sugar. Use brown sugar or jaggery instead. Even better, you can make sweet things from dry fruits, like raisins, dates, date dates etc.

Feed yogurt

Instead of giving ice cream, kulfi, cold drinks etc. to the children, you should feed yogurt. Flavored yogurt is also liked by children and they also contain less amount of sugar. In addition, yogurt is a probiotic food, so it is healthy for children. Yogurt has good amount of protein, which is necessary for the development of children.

Prohibit sweet drinks

Most sugar is dissolved in sweet drinks. You will be surprised to know that about 110 grams of sugar is used to make 1 liter cold drink. In addition to cold drinks, fruit drinks such as mango flavor, orange flavor, lemon-water flavor etc. also contain a lot of sugar. Consuming them causes harm to children. So instead of cold drinks, you can make sweet-flavored drinks at home, which children like, like mango sweet pan, sorbet, smoothies, shake, etc.

Do not feed serials in the morning

Do not give children serials like corn flakes, muesli and other packaged things in the morning breakfast. Consumption of them can suddenly increase their blood sugar. Instead, consuming poha, oats, oatmeal, etc. in the morning breakfast can be more beneficial. They have good amount of fiber and you can make them by mixing healthy things at home.
Tell children the pitfalls of sweet

Along with taking care of all these things, it is also important that you talk to your child about the pitfalls of sweet. Tell the children that if they eat more sweet, their teeth will deteriorate and break quickly. If we keep these things in mind from the beginning, then the addiction of sweet food of children can be controlled to a great extent.

What happens if a child has too much sugar?

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