What happens if a child has too much salt?

What happens if a child has too much salt? As fast as adult feeding has deteriorated, the faster the nutritional decline of children. Somewhere behind this, the parents of the children are responsible, as children are often used by parents for harmful food. When the children are disturbed, it is seen that their parents give them chips, crisps, french fiz, namkeen and many other salted things to silence them and after a few days the child gets used to these harmful foods. . Then they start crying on seeing such things.

If you too are repeating a similar mistake with your child then it can be harmful for your child and the whole family. Giving children too much salt or salt stuff is not less of a threat to them. This not only spoils their health but can also cause many fatal diseases in them.

Are Salty Foods Hurting your Kids
What happens if a child has too much salt?

According to the study

According to a survey by Trading Standards, a child within one year should not eat more than 1 gram of salt daily. Similarly, for a child of 1-3 years, eating 2 grams of salt per day and up to the age of more than 3 grams of salt is appropriate. For children up to 7-10 years, 5 grams of salt is sufficient, they should not eat more salt than that.

What is the most important for children

Breast milk itself contains so much sodium that it will easily replenish the salt in the child’s body. Nowadays, all the packets are found in closed market, sodium is found in large amounts. So do not include anything other than green vegetables, fruits and nuts in your child’s diet.
Why salt foods are harmful

Kidney failure risk

Consuming too much salt can be harmful for children. Because if you feed more salt to the child then the amount of sodium in its body will be more. Sometimes the kidneys are not able to balance the amount of sodium in our body, which causes chronic kidney disease. Apart from this, eating more salt greatly increases the chances of kidney stones.

Increases obesity

Among the producers we buy, we are eating the most salt. For this, before purchasing any food item, you should look at the amount of ingredients in it. Children eat snacks, chips, etc., in which there is a lot of salt, this salt causes these foods to become obese.

Some research has also revealed that adding salt to the food of young children also affects their brain. So while feeding your children, remember that you do not have to feed them salt. Always buy only items made for young children. The amount of salt in them is very small, so that they do not harm them in any way.

What happens if a child has too much salt?

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