What foods should you avoid if you have anemia?

What foods should you avoid if you have anemia? Anemia is an iron deficiency disease in which the amount of hemoglobin in our body decreases. Lack of hemoglobin causes oxygen deficiency in the cells of the body. Iron protein in the body is used to make hemoglobin, protein of muscles and some enzymes which carry out essential chemical reactions of the body. If iron levels fall too much, it can also cause blood loss. When this happens, the red blood cells become smaller than normal and contain less hemoglobin.

Iron Deficiency in Body Anemia
What foods should you avoid if you have anemia?

What is the reason

  • Women are careless about food. This causes nutritional deficiencies in their body, especially iron and folic acid, and they become anemic.
    -This problem can occur even if there is too much bleeding from the body due to injury or any surgery or there is excess bleeding during the period.
    In pregnancy, if the intake of iron and folic acid is not taken in sufficient quantity then the risk of anemia in the women is especially increased, because the fetus is also consuming a lot of iron and folic acid from the mother’s body.

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Symptoms of anemia

Sleep often
Darkness before the eyes
Dark circle
Abnormal heart rate
Fainting attack, etc.

Save for

Eat a balanced and nutritious diet.
Eat green fruits, vegetables and other edible fruits such as beets, carrots, apples, pomegranates, dates, peanuts, jaggery and dry fruits.
To increase the amount of folic acid in the body, eat buckwheat flour, oatmeal (barley), cabbage, mushrooms and broccoli.
For Calcium and Vitamin C, in addition to milk, yogurt, cheese, cheese, eat fruits containing bitumen C like orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit and grapes.
Take iron and folic acid pills on doctor’s advice.

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What foods should you avoid if you have anemia?

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