What foods reduce stress?

What foods reduce stress? When the husband comes to earn, he takes away the anger of the world from me, if the children get angry then they throw it on me. But I get angry too, who should I go to? “40-year-old Rupa (changed name) said this very annoyingly. This anger, frustration, duality is not only about Rupa but most of the housewives of the world. Home. India was already backward in terms of work-sharing. The lockdown caused by corona from above has increased even more. We all must have seen in our homes and surroundings that our mother or wife living in the house all We take care of the needs of women, but we do not take care of their mental health. That is why most of the housewives are struggling with the problems related to mental health. Working women still have the opportunity to go out and talk or change their mood. It happens, but it is not so with the housewife. In such a situation, she is angry at home, in conflict, in annoyance or in anxiety. Today we will learn from a psychiatrist how the women living in the house bring happiness in this situation. How can you improve your situation and take out your Me Time.

Expert Tips for housewives to deal with stress anxiety and being happy
What foods reduce stress?

I should read, but who will do the household work: Deeksha (housewife)

The initiation of Banaras says that I have to become a teacher. Married for 11 years. The people at home say that you should read what you want to read, but I do not get time to study. I get so busy with household chores. Sometimes I feel that there is no use to do my M.Sc. Deeksha, who is coordinating between the responsibilities of studies and home, said that many times there is an annoyance about all these things. I cry alone. But whom should I tell? The elders of the house cannot get angry and the children are still small. In such a situation, one has to manage his anger on his own.


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Coronary period created for women: social worker

Asian Bridge India’s program manager Niti in Varanasi says that the mental status of women in the lockdown has worsened. So at the same time, the National Commission for Women figures last year that from March 23 to March 30, 58 complaints of domestic violence were filed. The Corona period was very bad for the mental state of women.

The policy states that women tell them that if we ask someone to do household chores after marriage, the family will break. The husband is of course having coercive sex, if the wife opposes it, then the husband will go to another woman, fearing that the wives are with them in relation to their coercion. Such forces break women from within, but they have a responsibility to be happy in front of all the members of the household.

The policy says that highly educated women go into depression when they are only able to take care of the house and cannot fulfill their dreams. Second, women are brought up in such a way that they never feel burdened by household chores and are not even expected to fulfill their dreams. The policy says that women decide that when there is no one to listen to them, there is no use in telling anyone.

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Stress results in women

Psychiatrist Dr. Pragya Malika says that stress in housewives is due to many reasons. In such a situation, they start living alone. Conflicts (quarrels and disputes) escalate in the family when they go towards adjustment. When these issues are not resolved, then they turn into a suicide, divorce or other mental disorder. This is called a vicious cycle.

Dr. Pragya, citing a research said that there are reasons for increasing tension in the housewife, problems such as early marriage, arranged marriage, low social and economic stress and domestic violence.

These are the tools to be happy

According to psychiatrist Dr. Pragya, housewives can be happy by adopting these methods.
Do your favorite work

Dr. Pragya says that women often forget about their hobbies (hobbies) by getting involved in household work. When these frustrations start growing in them, remember your art. Work back at it. Think for yourself what they like to do. By doing this, they will gain confidence.
Find the reason for the problem

The housewife will have to see what is causing them trouble. When the cause of the problem is known, then work on it. Manage that problem. According to Dr. Pragya, the brain of women and men works slightly differently. Like women think emotionally and men think logistically.

According to the global data of a research, usually a man usually speaks 10 thousand words in a day and a woman speaks 30 thousand words in a day. In the Indian perspective, it is easy for men to mingle and talk with the outside world, so they speak so many words every day. But most Indian women are not able to do so. Non-essential things are far away, many times women are not able to speak what they are feeling or which hurts them. This is the reason why he has many things to speak while sleeping at night. There is also a reason for irration in the housewife not to speak.

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Make new friends and new hobbies

Housewives can make new friends to reduce their stress. Staying in touch with your friends, relatives or school-college around your home and talking to them also helps in getting out of this stress many times. Apart from this, making some new hobbies can also be beneficial.
Take me time

Being a housewife is what you want. As a housewife you have some dreams. So here she needs to think what she wants. Take your time to keep yourself happy.
Accept the circumstances

Dr. Pragya says that under which circumstances you cannot do anything. Do not think about them if you are out of the bus. Leave those situations on their condition.

Always think about your well-being

When the housewife thinks about her well being, she will get less stress. Think about how they can make the house beautiful or if they have a hobby, then think about what can be done next.

It is very sad that we are missing out on the mental health of housewives who drive the house car in a balanced manner. The world brings out the anger of the world, but we do not have time to listen to his mind. We should try to take care of the housewives too.

What foods reduce stress?

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