What foods are good for fertility?

What foods are good for fertility? Scientists are worried because of the ever-decreasing sperm count in men around the world. Infertility problems are constantly increasing due to the low number of sperm. Scientists said after a recent research that if young men want to increase their sperm count, they should leave cheese burger and fries and start taking healthy diet. According to the researchers, the Western diet is a major cause of sperm count in youth. According to research, sperm count is directly related to your diet. That is, the more healthy you keep your diet, the better your sperm count will be.

Western Diet Reduces Sperm Count and Fertility in Male
What foods are good for fertility?

Western diet reduces sperm count

During the study, men whose diet consisted mostly of Western foods such as pizza, fries, sweets, soda and red or processed meats, had a sperm count of about 26 million less than those consuming a normal diet. Apart from this, people who used to eat more western foods, also found a deficiency of reproductive hormones that increase fertility. This research has been published in a health journal called JAMA Network Open.

How much should sperm count be?

In contrast, those who consumed the most healthy items in their diet, such as fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits and water, were found to have an average sperm count of 43 million. According to all scientists and health experts, a sperm count of 15 million to 200 million milliliters per milliliter of adults is considered normal. The problem of infertility among the youth has increased manifold in the last 4-5 decades, a major reason being attributed to the continuously decreasing sperm count.

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What to eat to increase sperm count?

The co-author of this study and researcher of Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, Boston. Feiby Nassan says, “Your sperm is made from what you eat. So eating habits affect sperm count.”

According to Dr. Nassan, if you want to keep your sperm count and sperm production good, then you should include c-foods (poultry), poultry, nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables in your diet as they contain antioxidants and Contains omega-3 fatty acids. “From our research results, it is clear that by the time a person is of reproductive age, he can improve his sperm count by making changes in his diet,” he said.

How research was done

For this study, scientists selected 2,935 healthy men from Denmark with an average age of 19–20 years. The researchers divided them into 4 groups based on their regular diet. Scientists found that the worst sperm count was of people whose food included western diet such as pizza, cold drinks, soda, donuts, fries, etc.

Researchers said that women and men who want to have children should start adopting healthy diet months in advance. Apart from this, the habit of alcohol and smoking should also be given up.

What foods are good for fertility?

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