What first time dads should know?

What first time dads should know? Becoming a father is a wonderful feeling for any man’s life. When a man becomes a father for the first time, his heart swells with emotions. And there are many changes in their lives, whether they are mental changes or lifestyle changes. Let’s know through this article what changes fatherhood brings in men.

How Fatherhood Changes Men
What first time dads should know?

Fatherhood Changes Men

Many mixed feelings when men become fathers give men a strong feeling of fatherhood. But there are many men who are afraid of becoming fathers. They are afraid of how they will take care of themselves and their family. Most of the men often think that they may face difficulties in fulfilling the responsibilities of paternity. They think how they will be able to do this work. And well, why is it not the reality that on becoming a father, the responsibilities of a man increases many times more than before. On the contrary, there is also a truth that from pregnancy till the birth of a child, the mother gets special importance.

Of course, the mother’s contribution to the birth of a child is large and it cannot be denied, but the father’s contribution in this entire journey is also important. The fear of becoming a father may be a part, but there is a curiosity and concern in the father’s heart. Then even if he does not reveal it to everyone. And when the baby is born, changes in the life of the man begin. Let us know what are the changes due to paternity in men.

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Harmony between business / job and family

The biggest challenge for a father is to maintain a balance between work and home. Potential fathers are always in awe of how to spend enough time with the family, with the busyness of work. They are in a dilemma whether they will not be able to do the work properly due to family or whether they will be able to stay with the child at special moments due to the excess of work.

Fear of baby safety

A potential father always has some fears, such as – whether or not he will be able to hold the child properly, how his diapers will change, ensure his safety or not, and arrange the safety of the child at home or No etc. And these types of fears are common and also real. But there is another aspect to them. This fear towards the safety of the child automatically teaches the father many things.

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Fear of financial problems

Before the birth of an infant, men often fear whether they will be able to handle their family financially. Or whether they will be able to raise a good child and education in the event of trying any financial problem. Men are also worried about whether they will be able to earn enough money in the event of the wife leaving work after the birth of the child. This fear is also justified because with the birth of a child in many families, it is a matter of concern to avoid sudden, temporary correct, two income sources for two people, one income source for three people. However, in this case the wealthier people are slightly less concerned than the middle class.

Effect on married life

The birth of a child definitely changes the life of the father and this change can be seen only during the spouse’s pregnancy. When your baby is small and needs more attention with the mother, your partner may not be as intimate as the former because of being tired. This can have an impact on the thinking and behavior of the father. But this situation changes over time, and returns to normal.

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Some studies also show that with becoming a father, some bad habits of a man also start to disappear. Studies show that the chances of quitting smoking, alcohol and other bad addictions after becoming a father are higher than before. First time fathers try to stay away from crime, smoking, tobacco and alcohol. Some research suggests that levels of testosterone hormone (the hormonal boosting hormone) decrease in men after becoming a father. Because of which men also start taking less interest in physical relationships. Testosterone hormone remains low, especially among fathers of male newborns.

What first time dads should know?

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